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Part Numbers (1987-88)

Page Revised: 10 May 2019


The following is a list of published part numbers for 1987-88 Cougars. It is presented in its original format, which was taken from OEM Ford parts books. This does not mean that there will be no errors. It also means you may find some things in somewhat illogical places (for example, battery cables are listed with the fender, not the engine or electrical system). Again, this is the way Ford presented the parts in their original publications and so that format is repeated here.

The part number listed may differ from the number that is stamped on your part. As happens with time Ford has superseded older part numbers with newer ones, so the old/original part numbers, while correct for your car when it was new, may have been replaced by a newer number later. In the interest of keeping things as complete as possible, we will gradually add the stamped part numbers along with the listed ones. The stamped ones will be highlighted in green.

Also, be aware that sometimes a general cover-all number is listed. In these instances there are simply too many variations for this particular Ford part book to list, and you would need to look up a specific part number in a different catalog or location. For example, an intermediate exhaust pipe for a 1984 XR7 will carry a different OEM part number than one found on a 1987 V8 Cougar. Any number listed in red means that a cover-all number is listed and will not be the same as what you have, or need to order. In these cases, please contact a Ford dealer or local part vendor for more complete information.

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Part Title Description/Type Part Number(s)
Bumper Cover (aka Face Bar Cover) 1987-88 E7WY-17D957-A
Nameplate "MERCURY", silver E7WY-17D890-C
"MERCURY", gold E7WY-17D890-D
Horizontal Pad (aka rub strip or chrome strip) bright E7SZ-17C829-A
gold E7WY-17C829-A
License Plate Bracket plastic E7WY-17A385-A
Bumper Core Support (aka Face Bar) 1987-88 E7WY-17757-A
Reinforcement Kit, Bumper 1987-88 E7WY-17E814-A
Support, Bumper Cover (behind license plate area) 1987-88 E7WY-17C947-A
Impact Absorber R/L E7SZ-17754-A
Deflector, Air (under bumper cover) 1987-88 E7WY-63001A06-A
Grille 1987, LS, XR7 E7WY-8200-A
1987, 20th Anniversary E7WY-8200-B
1988, LS E7WY-8200-A
1988, XR7 (black listed, order by color) E8WY-8200-A
Ornament 1987-88 E7WY-8213-A
Front Header Panel 1987-88 (fiberglass) E7WY-8190-A
Air Deflector 1987-88 E7SZ-8327-A
Lamp Assembly 1987-88, R/L E8OY-13008-A/B
Lens, Headlamp 1987-88, R/L E8OY-13007-A/B
Housing, Adjusting R/L E7WY-13100/1-A
Bulb & Retainer R/L E5LY-13N021-A
Bulb Retainer R/L E7SZ-13N019-A
Lamp Assembly R/L E7WY-13200/1-B
Bulb R/L F5AZ-13466-A
Lamp Assembly R/L E7WY-13200/1-A
Bulb R/L F54Y-13466-A
Lamp Assembly R/L E7SZ-15A201-A/B
Bulb R/L F5AZ-13466-A
Radiator Support 1987-88 (same used on Mustangs) E8ZZ-16138-A
Support Reinforcement R/L F0ZZ-8A281-A/B
6-Cyl, w/Air Cond. E9ZZ-8005-C
6-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E5LY-8005-B
8-Cyl E9ZZ-8005-C
Radiator Cap 1987-88 E6LY-8100-A
Coolant Recovery Tank 6-Cyl E6ZZ-8A080-C
8-Cyl E6SZ-8A080-A
Fan Shroud 6-Cyl E8SZ-8146-B
8-Cyl E5LY-8146-A
Upper Radiator Hose 6-Cyl, 1987 E6SZ-8260-A
6-Cyl, 1988 E8SZ-8260-G
8-Cyl E5LY-8260-A
Lower Radiator Hose 6-Cyl, 1987 E3SZ-8286-A
6-Cyl, 1988 E8SZ-8286-C
8-Cyl E0SZ-8286-A
Fan Blade 6-Cyl E2SZ-8600-A
8-Cyl E65Y-8600-A
Water Pump Pulley 6-Cyl E3DZ-8509-A
8-Cyl E7SZ-8509-C
Drive Belt 6-Cyl E3SZ-8620-A
8-Cyl E5LY-8620-A
Water Pump 6-Cyl, 1987 E2DZ-8501-A
6-Cyl, 1988 F1SZ-8501-B
8-Cyl F3ZZ-8501-B
Air Pump 6-Cyl E7SZ-9A486-A
8-Cyl E7SZ-9A486-B
Air Pump Pulley 6-Cyl E2AZ-9B447-B
8-Cyl E5AZ-9B447-A
Drive Belt 6-Cyl E2SZ-8620-E
8-Cyl E2SZ-8620-A
Horn Assembly High note F4AZ-13832-A
Low note F4AZ-13833-A
Distributor Cap 6-Cyl E6AZ-12106-A
8-Cyl E6TZ-12106-A
Solenoid Switch 1987-88 E9TZ-11450-B
Alternator Assembly 6-Cyl, 1987 E8PZ-10346-C
6-Cyl, 1988 E9PZ-10346-E
8-Cyl, 1987-88 E9PZ-10346-A
Pulley 6-Cyl E6DZ-10344-C
8-Cyl E6SZ-10344-B
Fan Pulley 1987-88 E73Z-10A310-A
Drive Belt 6-Cyl E3SZ-8620-A
8-Cyl E5LY-8620-A
Voltage Regulator 1987-88 E73Z-10316-A
Crankshaft Pulley 6-Cyl, 1987 E3SZ-6B321-A
6-Cyl, 1988 E8SZ-6B321-A
8-Cyl F2UZ-6A312-A
Crankshaft Damper 1987-88 E4TZ-6316-A
Front Mount 6-Cyl, R/L E9SZ-6038-C
8-Cyl, R/L E8SZ-6038-B
Mount Bracket 6-Cyl, R/L E8SZ-6030/1-B
8-Cyl, R/L E8SZ-6030/1-A
Rear Mount 6-Cyl, 1987 E5SZ-6068-D
6-Cyl, 1988 E5SZ-6068-C
8-Cyl E6SZ-6068-C
Front Cover 6-Cyl, 1987 E6SZ-6019-B
8-Cyl, 1988 F4SZ-6019-B
8-Cyl F0AZ-6019-A
Oil Pan 6-Cyl, 1987, w/o low oil sensor E7SZ-6675-B
6-Cyl, 1987, w/ low oil sensor E7SZ-6675-C
6-Cyl, 1988 E8SZ-6675-B
8-Cyl, 1987-88, w/o low oil sensor F1SZ-6675-B
8-Cyl, 1987-88, w/ low oil sensor F1SZ-6675-A
Oil Pan Gasket 6-Cyl E2DZ-6781-A
8-Cyl D9AZ-6781-A
Fuel Pump, Electric 1987-88 E55Y-9A407-A
Exhaust Manifold 6-Cyl, 1987, R E4DZ-9431-A
6-Cyl, 1987, L E8SZ-9431-A
6-Cyl, 1988, R E8SZ-9430-A
6-Cyl, 1988, L E8SZ-9431-A
8-Cyl, 1987-88, R E6AZ-9430-G
8-Cyl, 1987-88, L E6SZ-9431-A
Catalytic Converter 6-Cyl E8SZ-5F250-A
8-Cyl E6SZ-5F250-A
Muffler & Pipe 6-Cyl, 1987 E7SZ-5230-C
6-Cyl, 1988 E7SZ-5230-E
8-Cyl E7SZ-5230-D
Condenser 1987-88 E5LZ-19712-A
Compressor 6-Cyl E3SZ-19703-A
8-Cyl E4FZ-19703-A
Compressor Hose 1987-88 E6SZ-19972-A
Drive Belt 6-Cyl. C9PZ-8620-GY
8-Cyl. E5LY-8620-A
Evaporator Core 1987-88 E6LY-19860-A
Evaporator Case 1987-88 E5LY-19897-B
Blower Motor 1987-88 F4ZZ-19805-C
Hood Panel 1987-88 E7SZ-16612-A
Hinge 1987-88, R/L E8SZ-16796/7-A
Latch 1987-88 E6DZ-16700-A
Auxiliary Catch 1987-88 E7SZ-16892-A
Assist Spring 1987-88 D9ZZ-16C644-A
Latch Support 1987-88 E3SZ-16747-A
Support Rod (note: should not be present on 1987-88 vehicles) E3DZ-16826-A
Release Cable 1987-88 E7SZ-16916-A
Hood Pad 1987-88 E3SZ-16740-A
Hood Insulator 1987-88 E8SZ-16738-A
Insulator Retainer Clip, pkg of 16 GG391-385595-S
Pin, pkg of 10 NN180-386553-S
Fender w/o cornering lamp, R/L E7SZ-16005/6-A
w/cornering lamp, R/L E7SZ-16005/6-B
Apron Assembly w/sidemember
(Inner fender structure that includes the strut mount section)
R E8SZ-16054-A
L E7SZ-16055-A
Apron, Front Section R F2ZZ-16054-B
L F0ZZ-16055-B
Apron Reinforcement (rails) Upper, R E6SZ-16154-A
Upper, L D8BZ-16155-A
Lower, R E7SZ-16060-A
Lower, L E3DZ-16060-B
Sound Absorber (insulation) R/L E7SZ-16071/2-A
Splash Shield (plastic wheel well liner) R/L E7SZ-16102/3-A
Rear Mounting Bracket R/L E3SZ-16C078-A
Battery Tray 6 Cyl D9ZZ-10732-A
8 Cyl E7ZZ-10732-A
Battery Hold Down Std. duty, w/o turbo D8BZ-10718-A
Heavy duty D9BZ-10718-A
Battery Cable, Positive 6-Cyl. E35Y-14300-A
8-Cyl. E6SZ-14300-A
Battery Cable, Negative 6-Cyl. E7SZ-14301-A
8-Cyl. E7SZ-14301-A
Antenna, Manual 1987-88 E3SZ-18813-A
Antenna, Power 1987-88 E5SZ-18850-B
Stanchion, Power Antenna (outer chrome ring) 1987-88 E3SZ-18919-B
Located on Right Fender Wide open throttle switch E0TZ-9F424-A
Barometric pressure switch E1AZ-12A680-B
Located on Left Fender Starter relay E9TZ-11450-B
Brake warning switch D9BZ-2B264-A
Canister purge solenoid E4AZ-9C915-A
MAP sensor E7FZ-9F479-A
Lower Front Moulding Standard, w/o cornering lamp, R/L E7SZ-16C068/9-AP
Standard, w/ cornering lamp, R/L E7SZ-16C068/9-CP
1988, Sport (XR7) - red listed, order by color E8WY-16C068/9-AD
Lower Rear Moulding Standard, R/L E7SZ-16003/4-AP
1988, Sport (XR7) - red listed, order by color E8WY-16003/4-AD
Wheel Painted E7SZ-1007-C
Cast aluminum, 1987 E7SZ-1007-A
Cast aluminum, 1988 - red listed, order by color E8WY-1007-C
Polycast E6WY-1007-B
Styled steel, black E7SZ-1007-E
Styled steel, argent E7SZ-1007-D
Center Cap Brushed, 6-5/8" D9ZZ-1130-H
Silver/argent, 6-11/16" E5WY-1130-A
Argent w/emblem, 6-7/8" E5WY-1130-C
14", 6 slots (black) E5WY-1130-B
16 slots, black, 15-1/4" E3WY-1130-B
Wire wheel E3SZ-1130-D
Ornament 14" wire wheel center cap E5SZ-1141-A
Hub & Rotor 10", R/L F1ZZ-1102-B
Cup, Outer Bearing R/L D0AZ-1217-B
Cup, Inner Bearing R/L D8BZ-1202-A
Bearing, Outer R/L E7TZ-1216-A
Bearing, Inner R/L D0AZ-1201-A
Grease Seal R/L F0ZZ-1190-A
Splash Shield 6-Cyl E0AZ-2K004/5-A
8-Cyl E5DZ-2K004/5-A
Brake Caliper R/L E5SZ-2B120/1-A
Brake Hose R F2SZ-2078-A
L E7SZ-2078-A
Coil Spring R/L, order by spring code E7SZ-5310-B
Shock Absorber (Strut) Standard Duty, R/L E6PZ-18124-E
Heavy Duty, R/L E6PZ-18124-E
Shock Mounting Bracket R/L E7SZ-18A161-AA
Camber Adjusting Plate R/L E0SZ-3B391-A
Spindle R/L E4SZ-3105/6-A
Lower Control Arm Assembly R/L F3ZZ-3078/9-A
Stabilizer Bar 6-Cyl E3SZ-5482-B
Std. duty, 8-Cyl E3SZ-5482-C
Heavy duty, 8-Cyl (XR7) E3SZ-5482-D
Bar Bracket R/L E3AZ-5A486-A
(confirmed) E6SZ-5B482-A
Front Crossmember 1987-88 E7SZ-5025-A
Gear Assembly w/o Handling Susp. E5SZ-3L547-A
w/ Handling Susp. E5DZ-3L547-A
Housing 1987-88 E8DZ-3548-A
Shaft/Control Assembly 1987-88 E7SZ-3D517-A
Rack w/o Handling Suspension E5DZ-3575-A
w/ Handling Suspension E5DZ-3575-B
Connecting Rod R/L F6SZ-3280-CA
Dust Boot R/L E69Z-3332-A
Tie Rod End R/L E7SZ-3A130-A
Pump Assembly, without pulley w/o Handling Suspension E9ZZ-3A674-C
w/ Handling Suspension E9ZZ-3A674-B
Reservoir 1987-88 E5DZ-3A697-A
Pump Pulley 6-Cyl E2SZ-3A733-A
8-Cyl E57Y-3A733-A
Pressure Hose 1987-88 E3SZ-3A719-B
Return Hose 1987-88 E7SZ-3A713-A
Steering Wheel Non sport, w/o leather wrap E7SZ-3600-F
Non sport, w/ leather wrap E7SZ-3600-B
Contact Plate Ring Non sport wheel E7SZ-13A808-A
Lock Housing Cover (paint to match) Upper, w/o console E3SZ-3530-C
Upper, w/ console E3SZ-3530-A
Lower E4DZ-3530-A
Lock Housing 1987-88 F23Z-3511-A
Keys & Cylinder 1987-88 E6SZ-11582-A
Ignition Switch NOTE: Check dealer for possible updated part number. F29Z-11572-D
Jacket w/ column shift E2SZ-3514-C
w/ floor shift E3DZ-3514-C
Shift Tube 1987-88 E7SZ-7212-A
Upper Steering Shaft 1987-88 E6SZ-3524-B
Lower Steering Shaft 1987-88 D9BZ-3B676-B
Shaft Coupling 1987-88 E0SZ-3A525-A
Wiper Switch w/o delay wipers E5SZ-17A553-A
Lock Housing Cover (paint to match) Upper, w/o console E3SZ-3530-E
Upper, w/ console E3SZ-3530-B
Lower E3SZ-3530-F
Lock Housing 1987-88 E83Z-3511-A
Cylinder & Keys 1987-88 E6SZ-11582-A
Ignition Switch NOTE: Check dealer for possible updated part number. F29Z-11572-D
Jacket w/ column shift E2SZ-3514-C
w/ floor shift E3DZ-3514-C
Shift Tube 1987-88 E7SZ-7212-A
Upper Steering Shaft 1987-88 E5DZ-3524-A
Lower Steering Shaft 1987-88 D9BZ-3B676-B
Shaft Coupling 1987-88 E0SZ-3A525-A
Wiper Switch w/o delay wipers E5SZ-17A553-A
Front Floor Member 1987-88 E3SZ-6310692-A
Rear Sidemember R/L E7SZ-6310534/5-A
Front Floor Pan 1987-88 E7SZ-6111135-A
Inner Floor Sidemember R/L E3SZ-6310116/7-A
Rear Floor Pan 1987-88 E4SZ-6311215-A
Rear Pan Extension R E3SZ-6311250-A
L E7SZ-6311251-A
Windshield Glass Clear E3SZ-6303100-A
Shaded F0LZ-6303100-A
Molding, Upper Reveal Bright w/black (LS) E7SZ-6303144-A
Black (XR7) E7SZ-6303144-BA
Molding, Side Reveal Bright w/black (LS), R/L E7SZ-6303136/7-C
Black (XR7), R/L E4SZ-6303148-A
Molding, Inside Garnish (paint to match) Upper (NOTE: should not exist, as 1987-88 cars had molded headliners) E3SZ-6303606-A
Upper, w/ electronic mirror (NOTE: should not exist, as 1987-88 cars had molded headliners) E6SZ-6303606-A
Upper, w/auto headlamp dimmer (NOTE: should not exist, as 1987-88 cars had molded headliners) E6SZ-6303606-A
Side, R/L E5SZ-6303598/9-A
Rear View Mirror Manual, w/ auto dimmer switch E65Y-17700-A
Power, w/o auto dimmer switch F19Z-17700-A
Power, w/ auto dimmer switch E80Y-17700-B
Sun Visor (blue listed, order by application) Right, w/o illuminated mirror E7SZ-6304104-A9B
Right, w/ illuminated mirror E7SZ-6304104-B9B
Left, w/o illuminated mirror E7SZ-6304105-A9B
Left, w/ illuminated mirror E7SZ-6304105-B9B
Visor Arm & Bracket w/o illuminated mirror, R/L D9BZ-5404144-A
w/ illuminated mirror, R/L E3SZ-6304144/5-B
Blade Assembly 1987-88 F0AZ-17528-A
Wiper Arm R E4SZ-17526-A
L E6SZ-17527-A
Wiper Motor 1987-88 E7SZ-17508-A
Washer Reservoir w/o low fluid sensor F4ZZ-17618-A
w/ low fluid sensor E4SZ-17618-B
Washer Pump 1987-88 E0AZ-17664-A
Nozzle 1987-88 E4SZ-17603-B
Panel, Cowl Side R E4SZ-6302038-A
L E3SZ-6302039-A
Panel, Cowl Trim (blue listed, order by color) R E7SZ-6302344-A1B
L E7SZ-6302345-A1B
Hinge Pillar R/L E4SZ-6302500/1-A
Panel, Cowl Top 1987-88 E7SZ-6302010-A
Screen, Cowl Top R E3SZ-63018A16-A
L E3SZ-63018A17-A
Panel, Windshield Header 1987-88 E7SZ-6303408-A
Panel, Dash (firewall) 1987-88 E6SZ-6301610-A
Panel, Instrument (blue listed, order by color) 1987-88 E7SZ-6304320-B
Panel, Cluster Finish w/o woodgrain (XR7 butcher block style) E7WY-66044D70-C
w/woodgrain E7WY-66044D70-B
Panel, Center Finish (Radio Panel) w/o split bench seats E5WY-66044D70-K
w/split bench seats E5WY-66044D70-G
Glove Box (inner liner) 1987-88 E5SZ-6306010-A
Door, Glove Box (blue listed, order by color) 1987-88 E7SZ-6306024-B
Hinge, Glove Box 1987-88 E5SZ-6306050-A
Lower Extension Panel (headlight switch surround) 1987-88 E5SZ-6304645-A
Lower Extension Finish Panel (to right of column) w/manual antenna E5SZ-6304644-A
w/power antenna E5SZ-6304644-B
Cover, Steering Column (beneath column, paint to match) 1987-88 E5SZ-6304459-A
Radio (order by year & model) AM/FM F0ZZ-18806-B
AM/FM Cassette F1ZZ-18806-B
Speaker, Radio (dash, order by year & model) Standard E6DZ-18808-A
Premium E6DZ-18808-B
Clock Analog E5SZ-15000-A
Console w/floor shift E7SZ-63045A36-B
w/column shift E7SZ-63045A36-A
Top Finish Panel (front of console) w/floor shift
w/column shift E5SZ-6304567-A
Center Finish Panel (switch panel) 1987-88 E7SZ-63044E50-A
Center Console Insert (aluminum panel on switch panel) 1985-86, w/power drivers seat, w/power windows, w/o anti-theft, w/o power mirrors E7SZ-6304722-G
1987-88, w/power mirrors only E7SZ-6304722-N
Glove Box Compartment 1987-88 E3SZ-6306010-B
Console Lid (blue listed, order by color) 1987-88 E5SZ-6306024-G
Rear Finish Panel w/o light switch E7SZ-63045E24-B
w/light switch E7SZ-63045E24-A
Receptacle, Ash Tray Front E3SZ-6304788-A
Panel, Rocker R E7SZ-6310128-A
L E7SZ-6310129-A
Molding, Rocker Front R/L E4SZ-6310176/7-A
Molding, Rocker Rear R E4SZ-63101A04-A
L E4SZ-63101A05-A
Plate, Scuff (blue listed, order by color) R/L E7SZ-6313208/9-C
Track, Seat Driver, R E7SZ-6361704-A
Driver, L E6SZ-6361705-A
Passenger, R E6SZ-6361704-A
Passenger, L E7SZ-6361705-A
Front Seat Belt (blue listed, order by color) R/L E6SZ-63611A72/3-F
Rear Seat Belt (blue listed, order by color) R/L E7SZ-63613B84/5-F
Shell, Door R E7SZ-6320124-A
L, w/o keyless entry E7SZ-6320125-A
L, w/ keyless entry E7SZ-6320125-B
Panel, Door Repair (part of door shell assembly - these were just the outer skins) R E7SZ-6320200-A
L, w/o keyless entry E7SZ-6320201-A
L, w/ keyless entry E7SZ-6320201-B
Bar, Reinforcement R/L E7SZ-6321204-A
Moulding, Window Front Black w/bright, R/L E7SZ-6320550/1-AA
Black, R/L E7SZ-6320550/1-BA
Moulding, Window Upper Black w/bright, R/L E7SZ-6320846/7-AA
Black, R/L E7SZ-6320846/7-BA
Molding, Window Rear (B-pillar cover on door, front edge) R/L E7SZ-6320554/5-BA
Moulding, Belt Black w/bright, R/L E7SZ-6321452/3-C
Black, R/L
Molding, Lower Side 1987-88, standard, R/L E7SZ-6320938/9-AP
1988 XR7, R/L (red listed, order by color) E8WY-6320938/9-AD
Molding, Rear (B-pillar cover on door, back edge) R/L E7SZ-6321140/1-BA
Mirror, Rear View w/cable control, R E7SZ-17696-A
w/cable control, L E7SZ-17682-A
w/electric control, black, R E7SZ-17682-B
w/electric control, black, L E7SZ-17682-C
w/electric control, chrome, R E7WY-17682-A
w/electric control, chrome, L E7WY-17682-B
Glass, Mirror Replacement R/L E6SZ-17K707-D/E
Panel, Trim (blue shown, paint to match or order by color) R/L E7WY-6623942/3-ASB
Strap, Pull (blue shown, order by color) w/o backing plate E7SZ-6322666/7-K
w/backing plate E7SZ-6322666/7-B
Armrest (blue shown, order by color) Base, R/L E7SZ-6324144/5-A1B
Pad, R/L E7SZ-6324100/1-A1B
Speaker, Radio (order by year & model application) F13Z-18808-A
Latch R/L F0FZ-5821812/3-A
Striker R/L E9FZ-5822008-A
Cylinder & Key (order by application) w/ bright cylinder, R/L E7SZ-6322050-G
w/ black cylinder, R/L E7WY-6322050-C
Handle, Outside w/black finish, R/L E3FZ-6122404/5-B
w/bright finish, R/L E3FZ-5822404/5-A
Pad, Keyless Entry L E7SZ-14A626-A
Handle, Inside R/L E7SZ-6321818/9-A
Hinge, Upper R/L E3SZ-6322800/1-A
Hinge, Lower R E7SZ-6322810-A
L E7SZ-6322811-A
Weatherstrip R/L E8SZ-6320708-A
Weatherstrip (door-to-A pillar) R/L E3SZ-6320754-A
Glass, Front Door Ford, tinted, R/L E7SZ-6321410/1-B
Upper Run (glass-to-door weatherstrip) R/L E8SZ-6321596/7-A
Belt Weatherstrip R/L E8SZ-6321456/7-A
Run, Hinge Side R/L E7SZ-63222A00/1-A
Regulator, Glass Manual, R/L E7SZ-6323200/1-A
Power, R/L E7SZ-6323208/9-A
Motor, Drive R/L E7SZ-6323394/5-A
Handle, Regulator R/L E6DZ-5423342-A
Arm, Equalizer R/L E7SZ-6323230-A
Weatherstrip, Opening (underneath door) R/L F0LY-6320708-/A
Panel, Roof w/o sliding roof E7WY-6650202-B
w/sliding roof E7WY-6650202-A
Moulding, Inside Garnish (paint to match) R/L E8SZ-6351752/3-A
Moulding, Outside Side (paint to match) R/L E7WY-6651728/9-A
Reinforcement, Panel 1987-88 E7SZ-6350222-A
Rail, Roof Side R/L E3SZ-6351186/7-A
Rail, Roof Inner Rear R/L E7WY-6651212/3-A
Frame, Back Window Upper 1987-88 E7WY-6642220-A
Headliner (blue listed, order by color) w/o moonroof E7WY-6651916-ABD
w/moonroof E7WY-6651916-BBD
Panel, Roof Console (blue listed, order by color) 1987-88 E8SZ-63519B42-C
Lamp, Interior R/L E6SZ-13734-A/B
Glass, Sliding Roof Panel Ford E8OY-54502A82-A
Panel, Trim Opening (inside cover) (blue listed, order by color) E8SZ-63519A02-ANB
Motor, Sliding Roof 1987-88 E8SZ-15790-A
Shield, Roof Opening 1987-88 E6SZ-6350988-A
Weatherstrip, Roof Panel 1987-88 E6SZ-63502C12-A
Rail, Roof Sliding Assembly 1987-88 E6SZ-6351070-A
Support, Roof Deflector R/L E6DZ-54502P68/9-A
Deflector, Air 1987-88 E6SZ-63500A26-A
Glass, Back Window Ford, non-heated, clear E7WY-6642006-B
Ford, non-heated, tinted E7WY-6642006-C
Ford, heated, tinted E7WY-6642006-A
Moulding, Reveal Upper Black/bright (LS), R/L E7WY-6642430/1-AA
Black (XR7), R/L E7WY-6642430/1-BA
Moulding, Reveal Lower Black/bright (LS), R/L E7WY-6642404/5-AA
Black (XR7), R/L E7WY-6642404/5-CA
Moulding, Inside Garnish (paint to match) 1987-88 E7WY-6642410-A
Panel, Outer R E7WY-6627840-A
L E7WY-6627841-A
Fuel Door 1987-88 E3SZ-63405A26-A
Fuel Filler Housing w/o remote door E7SZ-6627936-A
w/ remote door E7SZ-6627936-B
Latch Pillar Outer, R/L E7SZ-63281A34/5-A
Inner, R/L E7SZ-63281A34/5-A
Wheelhouse Panel Outer, R E7SZ-6327894-A
Outer, L E6SZ-6327895-A
Inner, R E7SZ-6327886-A
Inner, L E7SZ-6327887-A
Inertia Switch 1987-88 E1AZ-9341-B
Pillar Brace R/L E3SZ-6329388/9-A
Wheelhouse Strainer R/L E3SZ-6346774/5-A
Wheelhouse Bracket R/L E7WY-6642738/9-A
Lower Trim Panel
(blue listed, paint to match or order by color)
R E7SZ-6331012-A1B
L E7SZ-6331013-A1B
Armrest Pad
(blue listed; included with trim panel)
R E7SZ-6331718-A1B
L E7SZ-6331719-A1B
Trim Finish Panel
(blue listed, paint to match or order by color)
R E7SZ-6631076-A5F
L E7SZ-6631077-A5F
Upper Trim Panel (Sail Panel)
(blue listed, paint to match or order by color)
R E7WY-6652018-A1B
L E7WY-6652019-A1B
Package Tray Panel (Carpeting)
(blue listed, order by color)
1987-88 E7WY-6646668-A6B
Radio Speaker
(order by year & model application)
Standard, R/L E9ZZ-18808-A
Premium, R/L E9DZ-18808-C
Lower Front Molding Standard E7SZ-6329076/7-AP
1988 XR7 (red listed, order by color) E8WY-6629076/7-AD
Lower Rear Molding Standard E7SZ-6329038/9-AP
1988 XR7 (red listed, order by color) E8WY-6629038/9-AD
Emblem "XR7", R/L E7WY-66517A56/7-C
Ornament Cougar, R/L E7WY-66517A56/7-A
Glass, Quarter Ford, w/o vinyl roof, black/chrome (LS), tinted, R/L E7WY-6629710/1-F
Ford, w/o vinyl roof, black (XR7), tinted, R/L E7WY-6629710/1-G
Ford, w/ vinyl roof, black/chrome (LS), tinted, R/L E7WY-6629710/1-F
Molding, Outside Front R/L E7SZ-6329796/7-AA
Lid, Luggage 1987-88 E7WY-6640110-A
Nameplate "Mercury" E7YY-16B856-A
"Cougar" E7WY-6642528-A
"XR7" E5WY-13B467-B
"LS" E4WY-6642528-C
Latch w/o power F33Z-54443200-A
w/ power E8SZ-14304-A
Striker Plate 1987-88 E0MY-6643252-A
Cylinder & Keys Bright E7SZ-6343507-A
Black E7WY-6643507-A
Hinge R/L E7WY-6642700/1-A
Torsion Bar R/L E7WY-6644890/1-A
Weatherstrip 1987-88 E7WY-6643720-A
Drum, Brake 9", R/L E9ZZ-1126-A
10", R/L D9BZ-1126-A
Plate, Backing 9", R/L E9ZZ-2211/2-A
10", R/L E3DZ-2211/2-A
Hose, Brake R/L F4ZZ-2282-C
Shaft, Axle R/L E7SZ-4234-A
Bearing, Axle R/L E5SZ-1225-A
Seal, Axle R/L E1AZ-1177-B
Housing, Axle 1987 E7SZ-4010-C
1988, w/o quad shocks E8SZ-4010-A
1988, w/quad shocks E8SZ-4010-B
Spring, Coil (order by spring ID code) R/L E7SZ-5560-B
Damper, Spring R/L E6ZZ-5A669-A
Absorber, Shock Std. duty, R/L E8SZ-18125-A
Heavy duty, R/L E8SZ-18125-B
Arm Assembly, Axle Control Upper, R/L E7SZ-5500-A
Lower, R/L E7SZ-5A649-A
Bar, Stabilizer 6-Cyl E7SZ-5A772-A
8-Cyl, 1987 E8SZ-5A772-C
8-Cyl, 1988, standard E8SZ-5A772-A
8-Cyl, 1988, handling package (XR7) E8SZ-5A772-C
Tank, Fuel 1987-88 E8SZ-9002-A
Cap, Filler 1987-88 E7AZ-9030-B
Pipe, Filler 1987-88 E7SZ-9034-A
Gauge, Tank Unit w/o electronic cluster E6SZ-9275-B
w/ electronic cluster E5LY-9275-B
Panel, Lower 1987-88 E7WY-6640320-A
Panel, Upper 1987-88 E7WY-6646506-A
Bracket, Striker 1987-88 E7WY-6343235-A
Lamp Assembly R/L E7WY-13404/5-A
Lens R/L E7WY-13450/1-A
Bulb, Tail To 1/87 C8TZ-13466-A
From 1/87 F4CZ-13466-A
Bulb, Back-Up R/L C3DZ-13466-A
Lamp Assembly (paint to match) 1987-88 E8WY-13A613-A
Bracket, Lamp 1987-88 E7DZ-13A621-A
Bulb 1987-88 D7TZ-13466-A
Lamp Assembly R/L E7WY-15A201-A/B
Bulb R/L C2AZ-13466-C
Cover, Bumper (paint to match) 1987-88 E7SZ-17K835-A
Pad, Bumper (rub strip) Gold listed, order by application E7WY-17C829-A
Face Bar (metal bumper reinforcement) 1987-88 E7SZ-17906-A
Reinforcement Kit 1987-88 E7SZ-17D942-A
Absorber, Impact (bumper shocks) R/L E7SZ-17787-A