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Fuse Panel Layout (1983-88)

Page Revised: 10 May 2019


If your Cougar did not come with an owner's manual, then you don't have what could be some of the most important information about your car: the layout of the fuse panel. Short of buying an expensive shop manual, here's a complete layout of the fuse panel for all 1983-88 Cougars (base GS, LS, XR7). This chart also works for Thunderbird (non-turbo) models as well.

The fuse panel is located underneath the dash, to the left of the steering column, next to the emergency brake pedal. You need to remove the underdash insulation to access some parts of the fuse panel.

NOTE: This chart may differ slightly from year to year.

1983-88 Cougar Fuse Panel


Fuse Panel
Fuse No. Amperage / Color Function
1 15A
Lt. Blue
Stop Lamps, Hazard Warning Lamps, Speed Control, Cornering Lamp Relays
2 6A - CB Windshield Wiper/Washer Pump
3 [ Spare - Not Used ]
4 15A
Lt. Blue
Taillamps, Parking Lamps, Side Marker Lamps, Instrument Cluster Illumination, License Lamps, A/C and Heater Illumination, Radio Illumination, Digital Clock Illumination, Autolamp Relay
5 15A
Lt. Blue
Turn Signal Lamps, Electronic Day/Night Mirror, Lighted Vanity Mirrors*, Backup Lamps, Illuminated Entry, Keyless Entry, Cornering Lamps
6 20A
Rear Defrost Timer, Chime, Back-Up Lamps, Cornering Lamps, Rear Reading Lamps, Trunklid Release, Digital Clock Display, Illuminated Entry, Anti-Theft Module, Turbo Buzzer
7 15A
Lt. Blue
Fog Lamps (Turbo Only)
8 15A
Lt. Blue
Courtesy Lamps, Key Warning Buzzer, Illuminated Entry Module, Glove Box Lamp, Door Lock Relays, Radio Memory, Cluster Memory, Outside Mirrors, Tripminder Module, Analog Clock, Anti-Theft Relay
9 30A
Lt. Green
A/C Heater Blower Motor
10 20A - CB Horn, Cigar Lighter, Fuel Filler Door, Flash-to-Pass, Speed Control
11 20A
Radio, Tape Player, Premium Sound Amp, Power Antenna, Graphic Equalizer
12 20A - CB Power Seats, Power Locks, Keyless Entry
13 5A
Instrument Cluster Illumination, Radio, Climate Control
14 20A - CB Power Windows, Power Moonroof
15 10A
Taillamps, Rear Side Markers, License Lamps, Electoluminescent Coach Lamps
16 4A
Electronic ATC
17 15A
Lt. Blue
Electronic Cluster, Tripminder Display, Fuel Gauge (non-electronic cluster), A/C Clutch, Speed Control Module, Graphic Warning Display Module, Electronic Blower Speed Controller
18 10A
Warning Indicator Lamps, Autolamp System, Throttle Position Sensor, Low Fuel Module, Dual Timer Chime, Tachometer, Washer Fluid Level Indicator

CB = Circuit Breaker
* NOTE: The lighted vanity mirrors also use a 2A fuse in each visor assembly.


Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers are the silver shiny boxes found in the fuse panel. Circuit breakers are used on high power drain circuits on which one wouldn't necessarily want to have a fuse. When a circuit overload exceeds the rated current amperage, they will trip open, similar to how your typical household circuit breaker will work. Some circuit breakers are the cycling type, in which the power will come back through the breaker after a certain amount of time. However, the circuit breaker will continue to open and close until the problem is fixed. These are used on the headlamps and the windshield wipers. With the non-cycling type, the circuit breaker will stay tripped open until the problem is resolved; these are used on the power windows and power door locks. The following chart lists circuit breakers.

Circuit Breaker
Circuit Circuit Protection Rating Location
Windshield Wiper/Washer 6A Fuse Panel (position 2)
Headlights, High Beam Indicator 22A Part of Headlight Switch (requires new switch)
Power Door Locks, Power Seats 20A Fuse Panel (position 12)
Power Windows 20A Fuse Panel (position 14)
Horn, Lighter, Flash-to-Pass 20A Fuse Panel (position 10)
1983-88 Cougar Fuse Panel


Fusible Links

These are circuit protection devices incorporated into the wiring harness for some select electrical equipment. Just like fuses, these will blow open when the circuit load exceeds the amperage rating. If one of these should happen to trip, you can buy new ones at your local parts store or through the Ford or Lincoln/Mercury dealer. You MUST replace the blown fusible link with the same gauge new fusible link!

The following chart lists fusible links.

Fusible Link
Circuit Circuit Protection Rating Location
Lamp Feed 16 GA Near Starter Solenoid
Ignition Feed 16 GA Near Starter Solenoid
Charging Circuit 14 GA Near Starter Solenoid
Heated Backlite
(Rear Defroster)
16 GA Near Starter Solenoid
Engine Compartment Lamp 20 GA Near Pass. Side Strut Tower

Some common colors for fusible links, and their corresponding gauge wires:

  • 12 Gauge - Grey
  • 14 Gauge - Dark Green
  • 16 Gauge - Black
  • 18 Gauge - Brown