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1985-88 Base Instrument Cluster

Page Revised: 10 May 2019


1985-88 Cougar Base Instrument Cluster



Gauge / Light Description
OIL LAMP Lights when you have low oil pressure. Comes on with approx. 2 quarts of oil left.
AMP LAMP Lights when there is a voltage drop in the car's electrical system (approx. 12.5 v).
TEMP GAUGE Indicates operating temperature of the engine. C is approx. 160 degrees; H is approx. 240 degrees.
FUEL GUAGE Indicates amount of fuel left. Most gauges will sweep past F when full. On E, approx. 2-4 gallons are left.
SPEEDOMETER Indicates speed of car. Numerals change 6 times a second. Max speed indicator is 85 mph/ 199 kph.
ODOMETER Indicates total miles/kilometers traveled. When mileage surpasses 199,999, will read 100,000.
TRIP ODOMETER Indicates mileage since trip odometer was reset to 000.
SPEED Lights up when SPEED button is pressed (see below).
S Lights up when original speedometer has been replaced. Pre-programmed in replacement module. See here to remove "S".
SERVICE Lights up every 5,000-7,000 miles as a reminder for the regular service interval. To get rid of the reminder, press the TRIP and TRIP RESET buttons simultaneously; you will hear 3 beeps and the light will go out.
ERROR Indicates that the display cannot verify the odometer memory. This means the speedometer needs replaced.
HIGH BEAM INDICATOR Displays when the high beam headlamps are turned on.
TURN SIGNAL INDICATORS Display when the turn signal is activated; both light simultaneously with the emergency flasher. Left signal is hidden in the oil lamp area; right signal is hidden in the amp lamp area.
SEAT BELT INDICATOR Displays upon ignition to remind driver to use seat belt.
BRAKE LAMP Displays upon ignition, when the parking brake is engaged, and when there is a problem with the dual braking system.
CHECK TURBO Indicates turbo unit problems (2.3L 4-cylinder turbo only).
CHECK ENGINE Indicates a problem with the emissions system; have EEC computer checked.
GEAR INDICATOR Displays transmission gear (for cars with column shifter only).


Optional System Sentry Display

Light Description
LOW BEAM OUT Indicates one of the low beam headlamps has burned out. Replace with halogen bulb only.
LAMP OUT Indicates a taillamp or side marker lamp is out.
DOOR AJAR Indicates that one or both doors have not been fully closed.
CHECK OIL Indicates a low oil level via a sensor in the oil pan.
LOW WASHER FLUID Indicates that the washer fluid reservoir is nearly empty.
LOW FUEL Indicates that the fuel level is low. Will light up with approx. 4 gallons left.



(Note: All buttons emit a beep when pressed)

Button Description
E/M Switches display between English (mph, miles traveled) and metric (kph, kilometers traveled).
RESET TRIP Resets the trip odometer. Works only when the trip odometer is visible.
TRIP Displays the trip odometer.
SPEED Sets a speed from which the driver has up to 4 mph over. Once the driver goes 5 mph or over the preset speed, the SPEED lamp flashes and the unit beeps. Once the driver goes back under that barrier, the light and sounds stop. This is a sort of speed control device. The same procedure works in metric mode.



Position Function Circuit No. Color
PLUG A (Grey)
1 Oil pressure lamp 31 White/red
2 Brake lamp 977 Purple/white
3 Low beam out lamp 130 Red/light green
4 Lamp out lamp 135 & 132 Yellow/red
5 Door ajar lamp 627 Black/orange
6 Warning lamp feed 640 Red/yellow
7 Check Engine lamp 464 Black/pink
8 Temperature lamp 42 Red/white
9 Check turbo lamp 603 Dark green
10 Alternator lamp 904 Light green/red
11 Alt feed from ignition 687 Grey/yellow
12 Ignition to IVR 295 Light blue/pink
13 Fuel level 29 Yellow/white
14 5V out from gauges 367 Dark green/white
15 Temp sender 39 Red/white
16 RH turn signal lamp 2 White/light blue
17 LH turn signal lamp 3 Light green/white
18 LCD illumination (2) 294 White/light blue
PLUG B (Brown)
1 English/metric out 506 Red
2 Tone enable 183 Tan/yellow
3 Speed signal in 150 Dark green/white
4 - - OPEN
5 - - OPEN
6 - - OPEN
7 - - OPEN
8 Cluster illumination lamps (4) 19 Light blue/red
9 - - OPEN
10 High beam indicator 12 Light green/black
11 Low washer fluid lamp 82 Pink/yellow
12 Low fuel lamp 215 Yellow/black
13 Seat belt lamp 450 Dark green/light green
14 Warning lamp ground 57 Black
15 Low oil lamp 208 Gray/light blue
41 Black/light blue
16 Accessory (run only) 295 Light blue/pink
17 Battery 54 Light green/yellow
18 Ground 359 Black/white