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1985-86 Analog Instrument Cluster (4-Cylinder)

Page Revised: 10 May 2019


1985-86 Cougar Analog Instrument Cluster



Gauge / Light Description
OIL GAUGE Displays the oil pressure between L (low), NORM (normal), and H (high).
TEMP GAUGE Displays the operating temperature between C (cold), NORM (normal), and H (hot).
AMMETER GAUGE Displays the amps between C (charged) and D (discharged). Normal is a tick above the middle.
FUEL GAUGE Indicates amount of fuel left. Most gauges will sweep past F when full. On E, approx. 2-4 gallons are left.
TACHOMETER Displays engine RPM's up to 7000. (NOTE: above gauge is prototype and not correct; all numerals display in single digits and is RPMx1000).
BOOST GAUGE Displays the turbo boost in PSI between 0 and 14 psi.
SPEEDOMETER Indicates speed of car. Stock gauge reads to 80 mph but ticks go to 95 mph. American models had mph numbers and kph numbers smaller. Canadian models had kph numbers larger and mph numbers smaller.
ODOMETER Indicates total miles/kilometers traveled. Note the lack of a 10th/mile indicator.
TRIP ODOMETER Indicates mileage since trip odometer was reset to 000. Note the 10th/mile indicator.
HIGH BEAM INDICATOR Displays when the high beam headlamps are turned on. Located in the middle, near the top.
TURN SIGNAL INDICATORS Display when the turn signal is activated; both light simultaneously with the emergency flasher. Located in the middle of the cluster toward the bottom.
SEAT BELT INDICATOR Displays upon ignition to remind driver to use seat belt. Located on the lower right side of the panel.
BRAKE LAMP Displays upon ignition, when the parking brake is engaged, and when there is a problem with the dual braking system. Located on the lower left side of the panel.
CHECK TURBO Indicates a turbo unit problem--inspect immediately.
CHECK ENGINE Indicates a problem with the emissions system; have EEC computer checked. Located on the lower right side of the panel.



Position Function Circuit No. Color
PLUG A (Grey)
1 Brake, turbo, tach & speedo 12V+ 640 Red/yellow
2 Check turbo 160 Dark green
3 Brake lamp 977 Purple/white
4 Fuel level sender 29 Yellow/white
5 Amp 655 Red/orange
6 Amp 654 Yellow/light green
7 12V to IVR 295 Light blue/pink
8 Oil sender 31 White/red
9 Temperature sender 39 Red/white
10 5V IVR return 367 Dark green/white
11 Seat belt lamp 450 Dark green/light green
12 Common ground 57 Black
13 Cluster illumination 19 Light blue/red
14 RH turn signal lamp 2 White/light blue
15 LH turn signal lamp 3 Light green/white
16 Tach in 11 Dark green/yellow
17 High beam indicator 12 Light green/black
18 Speed signal in 150 Dark green/white