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1983-84 Turbo Instrument Cluster

Page Revised: 10 May 2019


1983-84 Cougar/Thunderbird Turbo Instrument Cluster



Gauge / Light Description
TACHOMETER Displays engine rpms x1000.
TURBO LED LAMP Lights when the turbocharger is delivering boost.
OVERBOOST LED LAMP Lights when the turbocharger is in an overboost condition; will simultaneously be activated with the overboost buzzer under the dash. Reducing speed at that point will allow the light to go turn off.
BATTERY LAMP Lights when there is a voltage drop or a charging problem in the car's electrical system.
HIGH BEAM INDICATOR Displays when the high beam headlamps are turned on.
ENGINE LAMP Indicates a problem with the emissions system, cooling system, or oiling system; have EEC computer checked IMMEDIATELY.
BRAKE LAMP Displays upon ignition, when the parking brake is engaged, and when there is a problem with the dual braking system.
TURN SIGNAL INDICATORS Display when the turn signal is activated; both light simultaneously with the emergency flasher.
SEAT BELT INDICATOR Displays upon ignition to remind driver to use seat belt.
FUEL GUAGE Indicates amount of fuel remaining. Most gauges will sweep past F when full. On E, approx. 2-4 gallons are left.
SPEEDOMETER Indicates speed of car. Max speed indicator is 85 mph / 140 kph.
ODOMETER Indicates total miles/kilometers traveled. When distance surpasses 99999.9, will read 00000.0 (there is no 100,000, etc.).
TRIP ODOMETER Indicates distance since trip odometer was reset to 000.



Note: wiring specs according to 1984 EVTM; however, some positions are unconfirmed. Use at your own discretion.

Position Function Circuit No. Color
1 Overboost LED/buzzer 223 Tan/light green
2 TURBO boost LED indicator 42 Red/white
3 Right turn signal 2 White/light blue
4 High beam indicator 12 Light green/black
5 Tachometer 11 Dark green/yellow
6 Seat belt lamp 450 Dark green/light green
7 BRAKE warning lamp 977 Pink/white
8 12v+ 640 Red/yellow
9 ENGINE warning lamp 39 Red/white
10 (unused) - -
11 Battery warning indicator 16 Red/light green
12 Battery warning indicator 904 Light green/red
13 Left turn signal 3 Light green/white
14 IVR 5v + OUT 367 Dark green/white
15 IVR 5v + IN 295 Light blue/pink
16 Fuel level indicator 29 Yellow/white
17 Cluster ground 57 Black
18 Cluster illumination 19 Light blue/red