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Kevin's 1988 Cougar XR7

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Kevin
Model *: Cougar XR7
Engine *: 5.0L V8 (302cid)
Transmission *: AOD 4-speed Automatic OD
Year Purchased: 1989
State/Province: NY
Country: US
I still can picture the cougar commercial when it came out on TV what was probably late '86. Opening showed a car in the desert with a white sheet covering it as the wind rippled over the aerodynamically shaped body. "Introducing the shape you want to be in." That was what it said when the cougar pull out from under the sheet and took off down some endless desert like road. It was a white '88 cougar with the windows blacked out. From that moment on I was obsessed. I loved the earlier model '85 vintage but this car was unbelievable. I said to myself "I'll never be able get one," as they were going for $20,000 which was back then a lot of money. A couple of years later I spotted one for sale in a Chevy Sales lot. I took her for a test ride and I was hooked. That night I dickered with the salesman who told me that the dealership was harping at him to get rid of her and to get a chevy. He was asking $15,000, my friend and I dickered and finally he dropped to $11,500. Needless to say I bought the car being 1 year old and 20,000 miles on it. I was driving her home the following day and got caught in the first snowstorm that season causing $3600 damage. That long winter it was in the collision shop and when spring came the car was back looking new again. Since then I've drove her summers and stored it through the New York winters. Currrently has 115,000 miles on her and she still purrs like a kitten. Still looks like it rolled off the showroom floor - no rust and in amazing condition showing no evidence that she's 17 years old. The white body still glows like the day I bought her. I've added a hood ornament from an '84 to the passenger side dash and also put a '68 cougar in the rear window brake light as a tribute to the cougars solid past. My wife fell in love with the car and we took it on our honeymoon to Niagara on the lake in 2000. Still gets lookers as there are few from this year still on the road - I look back 10 years and remember a red Xr7 and a black one that we see occasionally in my area but seeing just an LS today is rare site now. I've had her for 19 years, each spring I take the cover off her and memories of the first years come back as she still doesn't look her age. I'm thankful that my wife fell in love with her and didn't make me trade her in for a family vehicle when the kids came (I've heard too many of those stories{now reality strikes and she is open for offers}). I'm sure when my son gets older will be begging for the keys -

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Future Plans:
Am considering selling her if offered the right price. e-mail She now has 115,000 on her currently registered and on the road, runs great and still in great near showroom shape.