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Trevor's 1987 Cougar LS

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Trevor
Model *: Cougar LS
Engine *: 3.8L V6 (232cid)
Transmission *: AOD 4-speed Automatic OD
Year Purchased: 2006
State/Province: MI
Country: US
Bought the car in summer of 2006 with only 55,000 miles and has never seen winter. Only one owner who kept a journal about the car.

(Photo 2)
Future Plans:
When I first got the car I put tint on. I plan on buying a used 5.0 Mustang GT engine to replace the 3.8 and when I get my new 5.0 I will purchase new headers and performance exhaust. I also plan on buy rims since the hub cabs just don't do it for me. Other wise I rather keep it stock looking.