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Aaron's 1987 Cougar LS

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Aaron
Model *: Cougar LS
Engine *: 5.0L V8 (302cid)
Transmission *: AOD 4-speed Automatic OD
Year Purchased: 2002
State/Province: CA
Country: US
Engine: 5.0L V8, 119K miles, MSD ignition wires, New motor mounts, High output alternator, Bosch battery, lightweight starter, Mustang GT headers with matching H pipe. Flowmaster cat-back exhuast system with turn down tips (not installed yet)

Drivetrain: Automatic transmission w/overdrive (rebuilt at 102,138 miles), Rear wheel drive w/traction lock (rear end rebuilt at 102,140)

Brakes: Power brakes, Disc brakes in front, Drum brakes in rear.

Body: Chrome mirrors, Limo black window tint in back and 30% up front.

Suspension: Mustang Cobra springs, Mustang GT front and rear sway bars, new polyurethane end links.

Wheels: 15" Gold/Silver wire rims with 205/70R15 tires, Tubes installed, True Sinister knockoffs with adapters.

Interior: Grey driver and passenger 10 way adjustable power leather seats, Grey carpet, Blacked out dash, LCD digital instrument cluster with new bulbs, Power mirrors, Power windows, Power door locks. Sound: Sony Xplode CD/MD player, 2 Boston Acoustics FX3 2-ways in the dash, 2 Kenwood KFC-HQR601 2-ways in the doors, 2 Pioneer TS-A6985 6x9 4-ways in the rear, Power antenna.

(Photo 2)
Future Plans:
-Dual exhuast system: just purchased but not installed yet -Rear disc brakes -New carpet, dash, and custom seats -Change the rims from wires to something modern -Upper and lower intake manifold -Larger throttle body -New custom paint