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Tom's 1986 Cougar LS

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Tom
Model *: Cougar LS
Engine *: 5.0L V8 (302cid)
Transmission *: AOD 4-speed Automatic OD
Year Purchased: 2001
State/Province: PA
Country: US
Rust laden workhorse just crossed 300,000 mostly highway miles! All stock original equipment inside and out. Previous owner Laurie put gigantic holes and scratch marks in passenger door in an effort to de-ice the car one winter. Everyday primary vehicle that's running very well. Brand new alternator. New beautiful girlfriend Keri says to 'get rid of it you jerk'. Tom evaluates relationship and is torn between keeping hot girlfriend or Cougar.

(Photo 2)
Future Plans:
To drive it to work tomorrow...