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Matthew Sommers's 1986 Cougar LS

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Matthew Sommers
Model *: Cougar LS
Engine *: 3.8L V6 (232cid)
Transmission *: AOD 4-speed Automatic OD
Year Purchased: 2007
State/Province: TX
Country: US
Its A 1986 cougar v6 3.8L 31000 miles on it! I got the engine, hood, and spoiler from an 85 thunderbird! It has a spectacular interior for being a rent a car and having one owner before us!

Future Plans:
Well maybe one day I will put the v8 5.0L in it my dad has one sitting in his shed! We just need all of the loose ends to put in it! Maybe a new paint job and some new interior parts like seats! I would love to get a paint job for it!