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Matthew's 1986 Cougar XR7

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Matthew
Model *: Cougar XR7
Engine *: 2.3L I4 turbo (140cid)
Transmission *: T5 5-speed Manual
Year Purchased: 2005
State/Province: MO
Country: US
I bought this car off of ebay for less than $500.00. When I was younger, I had a 1986 Mercury Cougar LS which I drove for over 6 years straight. I loved that car and anybody that knows me says "I thought of you the other day... I saw a Cougar" I have planned on getting an 85-86 Cougar for a while, and when I saw that auction on eBay, I could not wait any longer. The new one needs a lot of work, but it is a Turbo Supercharged Cat with a manual transmission... I am in Heaven!!

(Photo 2)
Future Plans:
I plan to fully restore this vehicle and then some. I want it to look sharp, but also be a sleeper.