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Jeff's 1985 Cougar LS

Photos Forthcoming...
Owner *: Jeff
Model *: Cougar LS
Engine *: 2.3L I4 turbo (140cid)
Transmission *: C5 3-speedo Automatic
Year Purchased: 2003
State/Province: NB
Country: Canada
This cougar has almost 80,000kms Has red Interior, white exterior. Came with am/fm/tape deck but replaced it with a cd player and the speakers are still stock, never taken out and work great but added 2 extra for more watts. I dont know much about this car but would like to know what size of tire can a person change to besides its origanal size of 205/70/14 Down size perfurably.

Future Plans:
Hoping to add extras if this type of car can handle other modifications. I had pics of my car but there gone and Im getting others to replace. So hope you can hold out on not being able to see. LOL Nothing special!