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Karl's 1985 Cougar GS

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Karl
Model *: Cougar GS
Engine *: 3.8L V6 (232cid)
Transmission *: C5 3-speedo Automatic
Year Purchased: 2006
State/Province: MD
Country: US

Sage Green

Build date: November 1984
Build location: Lorain, Ohio
Build sequence: #20442
Color: Light Sage Metallic (4B) with Sand Beige interior (Y)
Mileage: 71K when purchased, 91K now

The special aspect of this car is that due to various circumstances, the previous owner was faced with the prospect of having the car junked and ultimately crushed. I ended up with this car as a result of this thread. I looked at it like saving a cat from being given to the pound. This one had a few extra little things about it that made it worth saving like the rare factory color, condition, options and mileage. It was delivered to my house April 29, 2006 from Woodbridge, VA, approximately 80 miles away.
One of the things that make this car special is the same thing that makes some people grimace - the color. A challenge I faced was preserving the color while making it more appealing. Visit my Cardomain site on the details behind the new life I was able to give this car.
Since this was an unexpected purchase, I have been trying to do everything as cheaply as possible. I have a lot of spare parts, I'm pretty good with a can of spray paint and I'm anal. So far, the biggest expenses were $120 for wheels and tires combined, $200 for tint, and probably another $100 or so in various spray paints, pin stripe, chrome stripe, new door clips, etc. The biggest thing working against me is time.
I'm very happy with what I was able to do for a "junk car" without even hitting the $1000 mark including the price of the car and Maryland registration. The car was $200 and has needed relatively little to get it where it is today. It has given me about 20,000 miles in the past 32 months or so with minimal corrective maintenance needed.

(Photo 2)
Future Plans:

The current drivetrain is tired but I am trying to get as much life as possible out of it using many aftermarket additives. They seem to be doing their job!

This cat was built with these '85 GS options:

  • Full console
  • Individual bucket vinyl seats (C)
  • 6-way power driver seat
  • Vent windows
  • Tinted glass
  • Dual power remote-control mirrors
  • Leather wrapped steering wheel
  • Fingertip speed control
  • Tilt steering wheel
  • Dual illuminated visor vanity mirrors
  • Interval windshield wipers
  • Power windows
  • Power door locks
  • Power decklid release and power fuel filler door release
  • Air conditioning, manual control
  • Electric rear window defroster
  • AM/FM stereo with cassette
  • Engine compartment light
  • Instrument panel courtesy lights
  • Dual-beam dome/map light
  • Polycast road wheels
  • Clearcoat metallic paint

You can also see my '88 XR-7 named Before, my other one named After, and my un-named '87 XR-7 here on CoolCats. There are more pictures at my web site and Cardomain site.