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Bruce's 1984 Cougar LS

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Bruce
Model *: Cougar LS
Engine *: 5.0L V8 (302cid)
Transmission *: AOD 4-speed Automatic OD
Year Purchased: 1986
State/Province: NS
Country: Canada
Bought in Wa State in 86 while on exchange duty with USN then back to east coast Canada in 91. Has never seen sand, salt or snow. A headturner in the spring with her red leather and is a ton of fun to drive. Still does 27 mpg from Truro/Boston every year. And she is still 100% original. Kitty's TRX paws are in the garage. More shots if anyone is interested.

(Photo 2)
Future Plans:
One day I may repaint her but not until I have to. Will keep going to shows and showing Kitty off even though my wife would like me to sell her.