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Eugene's 1984 Cougar GS

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Eugene
Model *: Cougar GS
Engine *: 3.8L V6 (232cid)
Transmission *: C3 3-speed Automatic
Year Purchased: 2001
State/Province: Atlanta, Georgia
Country: US
I have and will always be a Lowrider for life. Here are some modifications I made. Name: The Phat Catt Wheels and Tires: I have outfitted the Catt with 14" California Wire wheels, wrapped in Remington 175/75/14 rubber w/ 1/4 inch whitewall (on the picture it has 1 inch WW, pic update soon), a must for every lowrider. Engine: I have upgraded the battery to an Optima yellow top, other than that, I have just replaced the stock parts to keep it running just right. Exhaust: The car has a true dual exhaust, with Turbo Tube mufflers. Tint: Shown here is the car with 20% mirror, but I have recently changed it to 5% smoke, pictures will be here soon. Paint and Body: I changed to two-tone black and grey, to an all black pearl finish with white pinstripe. The emblems were removed, except for the 2 Cougar emblems on the side, and the antenna was removed completly. A 36-inch moonroof was cut into the roof, for my open air riding needs. Interior: The stock grey cloth was replaced with snow white vinyl, with "Phat Catt" stitched into the headrest. The dash was also redone in the same vinyl. The stock steering wheel has been repled with a Grant 10" chain Lowrider steering wheel. Sound System and Video: Of course, a guy must have this. Controlling every thing is a Sony Active Black Panel CD/MP3 player. Sending sounds to Blaupunkt 3.5s in the dash and 6x9s in the rear deck, pushed by an SPL 800 x 2 amp. On the bass end, 2 Kicker Solobarics L5s, pushed by an Orion 1200 mono block class D amp, stiffened by a 1.2 farad cap. This thing is a monster, I always disturb the peace. A flip-down 5.6 inch TFT monitor is on the inside, recieving signals from a Pyle DVD player, and a Sega Dreamcast. Misc: Undercar LED light kit (7 color), AudioVox 2-way LCD Remote start alarm system, cool blue headlights, the name "Geno The Lowrider" on the back window (that's me).

Future Plans:
A full Red's hydraulic setup, finishing the interior in white, adding chrome parts to the engine, door poppers to the doors and shaving the door handles, adding a "pop trunk", adding some accent neon on the inside, customized speaker box making room for hydraulic pumps. Not in this order by the way.....