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Seajay's 1984 Cougar Classic Tiffany

(Photo 1)

Owner *: Seajay
Model *: Cougar Classic Tiffany
Engine *: 5.0L V8 (302cid)
Transmission *: C3 3-speed Automatic
Year Purchased: 2004
State/Province: north carolina
Country: US
This is a "Classic Tiffany" built on a Cougar frame. The car is 18 1/2 feet long with a 145" wheel base. It is NOT A KIT CAR. This car was produced in Florida by Custom Motor Carrage and originally sold for $67,000 each in 1984. They were produced until 1988 and the company went bankrupt after a law suit over the use of the name "Tiffany" was filed by Tiffany Inc. Contact me by e mail if you have questions or comments. ps. that aint really my summer house.....

Future Plans:
I have just completely restored the car. New paint, new interior, re-chroming and new tires and rims. The car is driven daily and is my primary means of transportation. This is a photo of the car in front of my "summer home" in the mountains of North Carolona. Update... LAST FALL I KILLED A 4 POINT BUCK WITH THIS CAR....