There are quite a few interchanging parts between your Cougar and other Ford cars. When searching for any of these parts, we suggest finding a vehicle around the same model year as yours, and preferably a Cougar or Thunderbird, just to be safe.

NOTE: If a specific part for your car is not listed (ex: interior sail panel), that means the part is specific to your model only. If it is listed, it is done so for clarification purposes or known issues associated with an interchange attempt.

Stock Part
Interchanges With
Radiator All Fox cars; **manual and automatic versions are different from each other; minor modifications may be needed to fit
Radiator Core Support All Fox cars
Air Conditioning Condenser All Fox cars
Wheels Any Fox 4-lug (4 1/4″ bolt circle); **cars with 11″ rotors must use at least a 15″ wheel and 16″ mini-spare
Brake Rotors (F) 10″ (Stock, 4-lug) – Thunderbird (exc. Turbo Coupe), Fairmont/Granada/Zephyr, LTD/Marquis, 4-cylinder Mustang
11″ (4-lug) – 1987-88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, 1987-93 Mustang 5.0
11″ (5-lug) – Lincoln Mark VII, 1994-up Mustang GT
Brake Calipers (F) 10″ rotors – Fairmont/Zephyr, LTD/Marquis, 4-cylinder Mustang
11″ rotors – Mustang 5.0, Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
Front Spindles 10″ rotors – Thunderbird, 4-cylinder Mustang
11″ rotors – Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, Mustang 5.0
Front A-Arms 1983-86: Thunderbird, Fox Mustang & SVO
1987-88: 1994-98 Mustang, RWD Lincoln Continental, Thunderbird (all)
Front Springs Thunderbird (non-turbo); **motor-specific (V6 springs for V6, etc.); check code on door tag for exact matches. 1994-98 Mustang springs can fit and work. 1999-2004 Mustang springs can also fit and work. 1987-88 Turbo Coupe springs will lower a V6 or V8 car by at least 2″; check for tire rubbing.
Front Sway Bar Smaller diameter: Thunderbird (non-turbo), 4-cylinder Mustang
Larger diameter: Turbo Coupe, Mustang 5.0
Steering Rack 20:1 Ratio: 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar, 1979-93 4-cylinder Mustang
15:1 Ratio: 1984-88 Turbo Coupe/XR-7, 1987-88 Thunderbird/Cougar, 1987-93 Mustang 5.0, 1984-92 Mark VII
***look for the “15:1” ink stamp on the housing
Brake Drums (R) 9″ drums (finned edges) – Mustang (all), Thunderbird (except 1987-88 Turbo Coupe)
10″ drums (smooth edges) – 1987-88 Thunderbird/Cougar with 8.8″ rear, or 7.5″ rear with heavy duty suspension/towing package
Brake Rotors (R) Thunderbird Turbo Coupe (10″ vented, 4-lug)
Upper Control Arms (R) Thunderbird & Turbo Coupe
Lower Control Arms (R) All Fox cars with spring suspensions (excluding Mark VII/Continental). Extremely minor length differences between 1983-86 and 1987-88 cars; does not affect performance or fit.
Rear Springs Thunderbird (except Turbo Coupe); check code on door tag for exact matches.
Rear Sway Bar Thunderbird & Turbo Coupe, Mustang 5.0
Rear Axle Thunderbird , Mustang (7.5″) ; optional 8.8″ on 1988 V8 Thunderbirds and Cougars
*NOTE: 7.5″ housings on 1983-Nov. ’84 built (mid-’85) Cougars/Thunderbirds are narrower than 1985.5-88 housings. When replacing a rear axle be sure to get the correct size for your car.
**Mustang 8.8″ will work (about 3/4″ per side narrower); Mark VII 8.8″ will work (about 3/4″ per side longer and 5-lug). Both will need rear brake modifications.
Fuel Tank 20.6 or 22.1 gallon capacity (check owner’s manual): Thunderbird, Continental
18.1 gallon capacity: 1984-86 Turbo-4 cylinder XR7, 1983-88 Turbo Coupe
Power Window Motor 1983-88 – Thunderbird, Cougar; Mark VII (check), some other Ford vehicles. There are 2 different types and they do not interchange, but any motor that resembles the one from your car will work.
Power Door Lock Solenoid Thunderbird / Cougar 1983-88 (discontinued new)
Lincoln Mark VII – p/n FOLY-63218A42-A (Thanks to Gordon). Most any Ford door lock solenoid body can be used; swap in your actuating rod.
Front Bumpers 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar; 1984-86 XR7 (and Cougar) can use 1983-86 Turbo Coupe front bumper w/foglight cutouts
**1987-88 Cougars use specific front bumpers and are different from Thunderbirds.
Factory Marchal 750 Series Fog Lights 1984-86 Turbo Coupe, XR-7, 1984-86 Mustang GT, 1986-88 Escort GT/Lynx XR3; some 1986-90 Ford Rangers
***can also be found on mid-’80’s Jeep Cherokees, AMC Eagle, Renault, Buick Shyhawk
Front Header Panel 1983-86 Cougar; ** 1987-88 Cougars use specific header panel and headlight assemblies. Thunderbird units can be used on Cougars if desired, and vice-versa. Switching between 1983-86 and 1987-88 cars results in misalignment of moldings.
Headlamps (1987-88 Cougar only) 1988-94 Lincoln Continental (FWD)
Grille 1983-84 Cougar (“waterfall” type)
1985-86 (Mercedes-type)
1987-88 (“waterfall” with emblem in center)
**all 1983-86 Cougar grilles are interchangable; 1987-88 grilles are specific
Hood 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar
**1987-88 Turbo Coupe hood will fit 1983-88 cars; check for hood scoop clearance in engine compartment first.
Windshield 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar, 1984-92 Mark VII
Windshield Wiper Cowl Plate 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar, 1984-92 Mark VII
Front Fenders 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar; 1987-88 Thunderbird/Cougar. Switching between 1983-86 and 1987-88 cars results in misalignment of moldings and is not recommended.
Doors 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar
1987-88 Thunderbirds/Cougar
Switching between 1983-86 and 1987-88 cars results in misalignment of moldings and glass trim and is not recommended.
Door Handles and Locks All Fox cars with chrome metal handles, plus Escort/Lynx 2-door pre-1990; Tempo/Topaz 2-door all
**1987-93 Mustangs use flimsy plastic handles and should be avoided if possible; 1979-86 are metal.
Door Window Glass 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar (w/o vent windows)
1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar (w/vent windows): 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar and Mark VII glass ONLY
1987-88 Thunderbird/Cougar use specific flush glass that does not interchange with earlier glass.
Outside Rearview Mirrors 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar
1987-88 Thunderbird/Cougar have removable wind splitters which required a new mirror mold. These will retrofit to 1983-86 cars.
**NOTE: All base and Cougar LS mirrors have chrome housings; all Thunderbirds, 1984, 1986, and 1987 XR7’s, and Turbo Coupes have flat black housings; all 1985 and 1988 XR7’s have body-color housings.
Quarter Window Glass 1983-86 Cougar; **1987-88 Cougars use specific side glass that does not interchange with earlier glass.
Rear Window Glass 1983-86 Cougar; **1987-88 Cougars use specific rear glass that does not interchange with earlier glass.
Rear Bumpers 1983-86: Thunderbird/Cougar only
1987-88: Thunderbird/Cougar only
Rear Taillights 1983-84 Cougar (3-louver type; backup light in center)
1985-86 (flat-type/smoked)
1987-88 (flat type)
**1983-84 Cougar taillights are specific; 1985-86 are specific; 1987-88 are specific. However, the 1985-86 style CAN be used in the 1983-84 cars, but heavy modifications to the metal mounting panel are necessary, and the wiring harness from a 1985-86 MUST be used.
Factory Sunroof Glass All Fox cars with factory (non-power) sunroof, including Thunderbird/Cougar, Mark VII, Mustang
Power Moonroof Glass 1987-88: Thunderbird/Cougar, Mark VII
Instrument Cluster 1983-84 base analog- Thunderbird/Cougar (specific)
1983-84 electronic – Thunderbird/Cougar (specific)
1983-84 XR7 turbo – Thunderbird/Cougar (specific)
1985-88 base (digital speedometer, analog fuel & temp gauges, warning lights for amp and oil) – Thunderbird/Cougar
1985-88 full digital – Thunderbird/Cougar
1985-88 analog (7000 rpm tach/4-cylinder) – Thunderbird Turbo Coupe, 1985-86 XR7
1987-88 analog (6000 rpm tach/V8 models ONLY) – Thunderbird Sport V8, 1987 (optional) and 1988 (standard) XR7
**For 1985-88 cars with base or full electronic cluster, analog cluster can be retrofitted, but major rewiring of cluster harnesses is required. Click here for more instrument cluster information.
Steering Wheel 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar; 1984-88 Turbo Coupe and XR-7; 1979-89 Mustang; 1979-86 Capri; and any Fox chassis car with round steering column. Make sure that if you have cruise control buttons on your wheel that the replacement wheel also has them or else you will lost the cruise control function.
Front Seats All Fox cars, plus 1984-92 Tempo/Topaz , pre-1990 Escort & GT/Lynx & XR3 (reuse your existing seat tracks)
Door Panels 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar
**1987-88 Thunderbird/Cougar panels can be used on 1983-86 cars with minor modifications/drilling, and vice-versa. Also, Thunderbird patterns different slightly from Cougar in some model years. Mark VII panels can technically fit but will result in squeaking where the panel meets the dashboard, as well as less-than-perfect fitment.
Headliner 1983-86 Thunderbird/Cougar; **1987-88 Thunderbird/Cougars use specific molded headliner
Carpeting 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar (can use 1984-92 Mark VII if cut down)
Console & Lid 1983-84 Thunderbird/Cougar; 1985-88 Thunderbird/Cougar without consolette
**1987-88 Turbo Coupes and XR-7s use a shorter factory console than 1983-86 (rear section deleted for flat ashtray)
Consolette 1985-88 Thunderbird/Cougar (w/padded armrest) **Consolette is welded onto driver’s seat frame and cannot be separated without cutting; armrest can be replaced separately.
Rear Seat 1983-88 Thunderbird/Cougar, 1984-92 Mark VII