Part Title
Part Number(s)

Bumper Core Support
(aka Face Bar)
without turbo E3SZ-17757-A
with turbo E3SZ-17757-C
Bumper Cover
(aka Face Bar Cover)
without turbo E4SZ-17D957-A
with turbo E4SZ-17D957-B
Horizontal Pad
(aka rub strip or chrome strip)
bright E3SZ-17C829-A
black E5SZ-17C829-A
License Plate Bracket metal E3SZ-17A385-A
Bumper End Brace R/L E3SZ-17A820-1A
Impact Absorber R/L E3SZ-17754-A/B

Grille 1983-84 (waterfall) E3WY-8200-A
1985-86 (butcher block, ABS plastic) E5WY-8200-A
1985-86 (butcher block, metal) E5WY-8200-B
Front Header Panel fiberglass E4WY-8190-A
Panel Bracket Outer, 1983 (R/L) E3SZ-8B455-D
Outer, 1984-86 (R/L) E4SZ-8B455-B
Inner (R/L) E3SZ-8B455-E/C
Panel Ornament w/o turbo, 1983 E14Y-16850-A
w/o turbo, 1984-86 E4WY-16850-A
w/turbo (XR7 logo) E4WY-16850-B
Grille Nameplate 1983-84, “MERCURY” E3WY-8A223-C
1985-86, “MERCURY” E5WY-8A223-A
Air Deflector 1983-86 E3SZ-8326-A

Door (surround) Chrome & argent, R/L E3WY-13064-A/B
Retaining Ring (aluminum) R/L D7OZ-13015-A
Outer Adjusting Ring R/L D7OZ-13118-9A
Inner Adjusting Ring R/L D7OZ-13118-9B
Retaining Spring R/L D4ZZ-13031-A
Adjusting Screw R/L E3DZ-13032-C
Light Sensor Amplifier w/Auto On/Off Delay E0SZ-13A018-A
Lamp Assembly 1983 (clear), R/L E3SZ-13200-1A/1B
1984-86 (amber), R/L E4SZ-13200-1A/1B
Lamp Assembly R/L E3WY-15A201-A/B
Lamp Assembly R/L E3SZ-15A201-A/B
Lamp Assembly R or L E6FZ-15200-A
Lens R/L D9ZZ-15L203-A
Body w/Wire R/L D9ZZ-15202-A
Lamp Cover R/L D9ZZ-15K233-A
Bulb (H2) R/L D9ZZ-13466-A

Radiator Support 1983-88 (same used on Mustangs) E8ZZ-16138-A
Air Baffle 4-Cyl D9ZZ-8B029-A
Support Reinforcement R/L F0ZZ-8A281-A/B
4-Cyl, w/Air Cond. E7SZ-8005-A
4-Cyl, w/o Air Cond., 1986 E9ZZ-8005-C
6-Cyl, w/Air Cond. E5LY-8005-B
6-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E9ZZ-8005-C
8-Cyl, w/o Towing Package E9ZZ-8005-C
8-Cyl, w/ Towing Package E3ZZ-8005-A
Radiator Cap 13 lb. E5TZ-8100-A
16 lb. E6LY-8100-A
Coolant Recovery Tank w/o Turbo E6ZZ-8A080-C
w/ Turbo E7SZ-8A080-A
Fan Shroud 4-Cyl E3ZZ-8146-B
6-Cyl E8SZ-8146-B
8-Cyl E4SZ-8146-A
Upper Radiator Hose 4-Cyl E8SZ-8260-E
6-Cyl E3SZ-8260-A
8-Cyl, 1983-84 E4LY-8260-B
8-Cyl, 1985-86 E5SZ-8260-A
Lower Radiator Hose 4-Cyl E8SZ-8286-D
6-Cyl E3SZ-8286-A
8-Cyl E0SZ-8286-A
Fan Blade 4-Cyl E3ZZ-8600-B
6-Cyl E2SZ-8600-A
8-Cyl E4SZ-8600-B
Fan Clutch 6-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E3SZ-8A616-B
6-Cyl, w/ Air Cond. E3SZ-8A616-A
8-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E0WY-8A616-A
8-Cyl, w/ Air Cond. E45Y-8A616-B
Fan Pulley 4-Cyl E3ZZ-8509-B
6-Cyl, 1-groove E3DZ-8509-A
6-Cyl, 3-groove E0SZ-8509-B
8-Cyl, to 2/84 E0SZ-8509-A
8-Cyl, from 2/84 E4SZ-8509-A
Drive Belt 4-Cyl E1PZ-8620-D
6-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E2SZ-8620-E
6-Cyl, w/ Air Cond. E3SZ-8620-A
8-Cyl E2SZ-8620-A
Water Pump 4-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E6ZZ-8501-A
4-Cyl, w/ Air Cond. E6ZZ-8501-A
6-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E2DZ-8501-A
6-Cyl, w/ Air Cond. E2DZ-8501-A
8-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E6AZ-8501-B
8-Cyl, w/ Air Cond. E6AZ-8501-B

Air Pump 6-Cyl E7SZ-9A486-A
8-Cyl E4AZ-9A486-A
Air Pump Pulley 6-Cyl E2AZ-9B447-B
8-Cyl E0VY-9B447-A
Drive Belt 6-Cyl, w/o Air Cond. E2SZ-8620-E
6-Cyl, w/ Air Cond. E3SZ-8620-A
8-Cyl E2SZ-8620-A

Horn Assembly High note, w/o turbo F4AZ-13832-A
High note, w/turbo 85-86 E5SZ-13832-A
Low note, w/o turbo F4AZ-13833-A
Low note, w/turbo 85-86 E5SZ-13833-A
Distributor Cap 4-Cyl E9FZ-12106-A
6-Cyl E5DZ-12106-A
8-Cyl E6TZ-12106-A
Solenoid Switch 1983-84 E7HZ-11450-A
85 E9TZ-11450-B
86 E8TZ-11450-B
Alternator Assembly 40-amp E2GZ-10346-B
60-, 65-amp E1BZ-10346-B
Pulley 4-Cyl C5AZ-10344-L
6-Cyl, 8-Cyl. E6SZ-10344-B
Fan Pulley D9ZZ-10A310-A
Drive Belt 4-Cyl E1PZ-8620-D
6-Cyl, w/o Air Cond E2SZ-8620-E
6-Cyl, w/ Air Cond E3SZ-8620-A
8-Cyl E2SZ-8620-A
Voltage Regulator F0PZ-10316-A
Radio Suppression Wire E3SZ-19A095-A

Crankshaft Pulley 4-Cyl E3ZZ-6A312-A
6-Cyl D8BZ-6312-A
8-Cyl E2SZ-6A312-A
Crankshaft Damper 6-Cyl, w/o Auto overdrive E3SZ-6B321-A
6-Cyl, w/o Auto overdrive E3SZ-6B321-B
8-Cyl, 1983 E1TZ-6316-A
8-Cyl, 1984-86, w/o California emissions E2TZ-6316-B
8-Cyl, 1984-86, w/o California emissions E4TZ-6316-A
Front Insulator 4-Cyl, 83-84, R/L E8ZZ-6038-A/B
4-Cyl, 85, R/L E5SZ-6038-A
4-Cyl, 86, R E8SZ-6038-A
4-Cyl, 86, L E7SZ-6038-A
6-Cyl, 84-85, R/L E3SZ-6038-G/H
6-Cyl, 86, R/L E9SZ-6038-C
8-Cyl, 83, R/L E7ZZ-6038-E
8-Cyl, 84, R/L E7ZZ-6038-E/F
8-Cyl, 85, R/L E4DZ-6038-C/D
8-Cyl, 86, R/L E8SZ-6038-C/B
Mount Bracket 4-Cyl, 83-84, to 12-83 E3SZ-6028/9-A
4-Cyl, 83-84, from 12-83 E4SZ-6028/9-A
4-Cyl, 85, upper R/L E5SZ-6028/9-A
4-Cyl, 85, lower R/L E5SZ-6028/9-B
4-Cyl, 86, R/L E7SZ-6030/1-B
6-Cyl, 83-85, R E2DZ-6030-B
6-Cyl, 83-85, L E2DZ-6031-A
6-Cyl, 86, R/L E8SZ-6030/1-B
8-Cyl, 83-85, R/L N/A
8-Cyl, 86, R E8SZ-6030-A
8-Cyl, 86, L E8SZ-6031-A
Mount Damper R/L E3SZ-6M046-A
Damper Bracket 4-Cyl, upper, R E3SZ-6F023-C
4-Cyl, upper, L E3SZ-6F036-A
4-Cyl, lower, R E3SZ-6F032-A
4-Cyl, lower, L E3DZ-6F033-B
6-Cyl, w/o Tecumseh AC compressor E3SZ-6F023-A
6-Cyl, w/ Tecumseh AC compressor E4DZ-6F023-A
Rear Mount 4-Cyl, w/o turbo E6SZ-6068-C
4-Cyl, w/ turbo, 84, manual trans E6SZ-6068-C
4-Cyl, w/ turbo, 84, auto trans E5SZ-6068-D
4-Cyl, w/ turbo, 85-86, manual trans F2SZ-6068-A
4-Cyl, w/ turbo, 85-86, auto trans F2SZ-6068-B
6-Cyl, w/o auto overdrive E5SZ-6068-D
6-Cyl, w/ auto overdrive, 83-84 E6SZ-6068-C
6-Cyl, w/ auto overdrive, 85-86 E5SZ-6068-C
8-Cyl E6SZ-6068-C
Rear Support 4-Cyl, 83-84 E3SZ-6A023-E
4-Cyl, 85-86 E5SZ-6A023-A
6-Cyl, w/o auto overdrive, to 2-83 E3SZ-6A023-B
6-Cy., w/o auto overdrive, from 2-83 E0SZ-6A023-A
6-Cyl, w/ auto overdrive E3SZ-6A023-D
8-Cy., USA E3SZ-6A023-C
8-Cyl, Canada E3SZ-6A023-F
Front Cover 4-Cyl, outer E3ZZ-6019-A
4-Cyl, inner E3ZZ-6019-B
6-Cyl E6SZ-6019-B
8-Cyl, 83 E7PZ-6019-A
8-Cyl, 84-86, w/o dipstick hole E7PZ-6019-A
8-Cyl, 84-86, w/ dipstick hole F0AZ-6019-A
Oil Pan 4-Cyl, 83-84 D8BZ-6675-A
4-Cyl, 85-86, w/o low oil sensor E7RY-6675-B
4-Cyl, 85-86, w/ low oil sensor E5ZZ-6675-A
6-Cyl, 83 E7SZ-6675-B
6-Cyl, 84-86, w/o low oil sensor E7SZ-6675-B
6-Cyl, 84-86, w/ low oil sensor E7SZ-6675-C
8-Cyl, 83-86, w/o low oil sensor F1SZ-6675-B
8-Cyl, 83-86, w/ low oil sensor F1SZ-6675-A
Oil Pan Gasket 4-Cyl E5ZZ-6781-A
6-Cyl E2DZ-6781-A
8-Cyl D9AZ-6781-A
Fuel Pump, Mechanical 6-Cyl E2AZ-9350-B
8-Cyl E7AZ-9350-B
Fuel Pump, Electric Outside tank, 4-Cyl E4ZZ-9350-B
Outside tank, 6-Cyl, 8-Cyl E4DZ-9350-B
Inside tank, 4-Cyl, 84, to 11-83 E4SZ-9H307-C
Inside tank, 4-Cyl, 84, from 11-83 E4SZ-9H307-A
Inside tank, 4-Cyl, 85-86 E5SZ-9A407-B
Inside tank, 6-Cyl, 84, w/o electronic inst. cluster E4SZ-9H307-A
Inside tank, 6-Cyl, 84, w/ electronic inst. cluster E4SZ-9H307-B
Inside tank, 6-Cyl, 85-86 E5SZ-9A407-A
Inside tank, 8-Cyl, 83, w/o electronic inst. cluster E3SZ-9350-C
Inside tank, 8-Cyl, 83, w/ electronic inst. cluster E3SZ-9350-D
Inside tank, 8-Cyl, 84, w/o electronic inst. cluster E4SZ-9H307-A
Inside tank, 8-Cyl, 84, w/ electronic inst. cluster E4SZ-9H307-B
Inside tank, 8-Cyl, 85-86 E5SZ-9A407-A

Exhaust Manifold 4-Cyl E1BZ-9340-C
6-Cyl, R E4DZ-9430-A
6-Cyl, L, w/o Calif. emissions, to 6-82 E8SZ-9431-A
6-Cyl, L, w/o Calif. emissions, from 6-82 E4DZ-9431-A
6-Cyl, L, w/ Calif. emissions E8SZ-9431-A
8-Cyl, 83-85, R E0PZ-9430-A
8-Cyl, 83-85, L E1SZ-9431-B
8-Cyl, 86, R E6AZ-9430-G
8-Cyl, 86, L E6SZ-9431-A
Inlet Pipe * BY APPLICATION E2DZ-5F250-C
Catalytic Converter * BY APPLICATION E3SZ-5E212-B
Muffler & Pipe * BY APPLICATION E3SZ-5230-B

Condenser 1983-86 E2ZZ-19712-A
Compressor 4-Cyl E3DZ-19703-B
6-Cyl, to 5-85 E3SZ-19703-A
6-Cyl, from 5-85 E4FZ-19703-A
8-Cyl E7TZ-19703-B
Compressor Hose * BY APPLICATION E4SZ-19972-A
Pulley w/Clutch 4-Cyl, 6-Cyl F4SZ-19D786-A
8-Cyl E1FZ-2884-A
Drive Belt 4-Cyl E3AZ-8620-E
6-Cyl C9PZ-8620-GF
8-Cyl E2SZ-8620-B
Evaporator Core 1983-86 E25Y-19860-A
Evaporator Upper Case w/o ATC E2SZ-19C974-A
w/ATC, 83-84 E25Y-19C974-A
w/ATC, 85-86 E5LY-19897-B
Evaporator Lower Case 1983-84 E25Y-19897-A
1985-86 E5LY-19897-B
Blower Motor F4ZZ-19805-C

Hood Panel 1983 E3SZ-16612-A
1984-86 E7SZ-16612-A
Hinge 1983 R/L E6SZ-16796-7A/B
1984 R/L E4LY-16796-7A/B
1985-86 R/L E5SZ-16796-7A/B
Latch To 11-83 E1DZ-16700-A
From 11-83 E6DZ-16700-A
Auxiliary Catch 1983-86 E3SZ-16892-A
Assist Spring 1983-86 D9ZZ-16C644-A
Latch Support 1983-86 E3SZ-16747-A
Support Rod 1983-86 E3DZ-16826-A
Release Cable 1983-84 E3ZZ-16916-A
1985-86 E7SZ-16916-A
Hood Pad 1983-86 E3SZ-16740-A
Hood Insulator 1983-86 E8SZ-16738-A
Insulator Retainer Clip, pkg of 16 GG391-385595-S
Pin, pkg of 10 NN180-386553-S

Fender R E4SZ-16005-A
L E4SZ-16006-A
Apron Assembly w/sidemember
(Inner fender structure that includes the strut mount section)
1983-85 R E5SZ-16054-A
1983-85 L E7SZ-16055-A
1986 R E8SZ-16054-A
1986 L E7SZ-16055-A
Apron, Front Section 1983 R/L E3DZ-16054/5-B
1984-85 R E4LY-16054-B
1984-85 L F0ZZ-16055-B
1986 R F2ZZ-16054-B
1986L F0ZZ-16055-B
Apron Reinforcement (rails) Upper, 1983-85 R E6SZ-16154-A
Upper, 1983-85 L E3SZ-16155-A
Upper, 1986 R E6SZ-16154-A
Upper, 1986 L D8BZ-16155-A
Lower, R E7SZ-16060-A
Lower, L E3DZ-16060-B
Sound Absorber (insulation) 1983-84 R/L E3SZ-16071/2-A
1985-86 R E5SZ-16071-A
1985-86 L E5SZ-16072-A
Splash Shield (plastic wheel well liner) R/L E7SZ-16102/3-A
Rear Mounting Bracket R/L E3SZ-16C078-A
Battery Tray w/o turbo D9ZZ-10732-A
w/ turbo E4LY-10732-A
Battery Hold Down Std. duty, w/o turbo D8BZ-10718-A
Std. duty, w/ turbo E43Z-10718-B
Heavy duty D9BZ-10718-A
Battery Cable, Positive 4-Cyl E3SZ-14300-A
6-Cyl E35Y-14300-A
8-Cyl E6SZ-14300-A
Battery Cable, Negative 4-Cyl E3SZ-14301-A
6-Cyl E35Y-14301-D
8-Cyl E0SZ-14301-A
Antenna, Manual 1983-86 E3SZ-18813-A
Antenna, Power 1983-86 E5SZ-18850-B
Stanchion, Power Antenna (outer chrome ring) 1983-86 E3SZ-18919-B
Lower Front Moulding w/o cornering lamp, R/L E6SZ-16C068/9-CP
w/ cornering lamp, R/L E4SZ-16C068/9-BP
Lower Rear Moulding Narrow type, R/L E4SZ-16003/4-AP
Wide type, 1985-86, R/L E5WY-16003/4-BP
Nameplate “LS”, R/L E3WY-16098-A
“EFI Turbo”, R/L E3SZ-16098-A
“Automatic Overdrive”, R/L E3SZ-6342528-A
“Electronic Fuel Injection”, R/L E3SZ-16098-B

Wheel Painted, 14×5 E3SZ-1007-B
Painted, 14×5.5, 83-84 E7SZ-1007-E
Painted, 14×5.5, 85-86 E7SZ-1007-C
Polycast, 1983-84, w/o stamp ZQ E3WY-1007-A
Polycast, 1983-84, w/ stamp ZQ E5WY-1007-B
Polycast, 1985-86 E6WY-1007-B
Styled aluminum, w/o TRX D8BZ-1007-A
Styled aluminum, w/ TRX E3SZ-1007-A
Cast aluminum E7SZ-1007-A
Center Cap w/TRX wheel D9ZZ-1130-H
w/Polycast wheel, 1983-84, w/o turbo E3WY-1130-C
w/Polycast wheel, 1983-84, w/ turbo E4WY-1130-A
w/Polycast wheel, 1985-86 E5WY-1130-A
E5CY-1130-A (confirmed)
w/Cast aluminum wheel, 1983-84 E1ZZ-1130-A
w/Cast aluminum wheel, 1985-86 E5WY-1130-C
Wheel Cover 14″, 1983-84 E3WY-1130-A
14″, 1985-86 E5WY-1130-B
14″ wire wheel design E3SZ-1130-D
Ornament 14″ wire wheel center cap E3WY-1141-A
Trim Ring 1983-86, steel wheel E4SZ-1210-A

Hub & Rotor 10″, R/L F1ZZ-1102-B
Cup, Outer Bearing R/L D0AZ-1217-B
Cup, Inner Bearing R/L D8BZ-1202-A
Bearing, Outer R/L E7TZ-1216-A
Bearing, Inner R/L D0AZ-1201-A
Grease Seal R/L E6DZ-1249-A
Splash Shield R/L E0SZ-2K004/5-A
Brake Caliper R/L E5SZ-2B120/1-A
Brake Hose 1983-84 R/L E3SZ-2078-A
1985-86 R/L E5SZ-2078-A
Coil Spring R/L, order by spring code E1BZ-5310-B
Shock Absorber (Strut) Standard duty, R/L E6PZ-18124-C
Heavy duty, R/L E6PZ-18124-C
Shock Mounting Bracket (with dust cover) R/L E3SZ-18A161-A
Camber Adjusting Plate R/L E0SZ-3B391-A
Spindle R/L E4SZ-3105/6-A
Lower Control Arm Assembly R/L F3ZZ-3078/9-A
Stabilizer Bar 4-Cyl, 6-Cyl E3SZ-5482-B
8-Cyl E3SZ-5482-C
Bar Bracket R/L E6ZZ-5A486-A
(confirmed) E6SZ-5B482-A
Front Crossmember 1983-85 E5SZ-5025-A
1986 E6SZ-5025-A

Gear Assembly 1983, w/o Handling Susp. E5SZ-3L547-C
1983, w/ Handling Susp. E5DZ-3L547-A
1984-86, w/o Handling Susp. E5SZ-3L547-C
1984-86, w/ Handling Susp. E5DZ-3L547-A
Housing 1983, w/o Handling Susp. E3SZ-3548-A
1983, w/ Handling Susp. E3SZ-3548-B
1984-86, stamped BT E4DZ-3548-A
1984-86, stamped BZ E5DZ-3548-A
Housing Cover 1983-86 E0BZ-3580-AMR
Shaft/Control Assembly 1983-85, w/o Handling Suspension, to 2-84 E5SZ-3D517-C
1983-85, w/o Handling Suspension, from 2-84 E5SZ-3D517-A
1986, w/o Handling Suspension E5SZ-3D517-A
1983-86, w/Handling Suspension E5SZ-3D517-B
Dust Boot 1983 R/L D9BZ-3332-A
1984-86 R/L E69Z-3332-A
Rack w/o Handling Suspension E5DZ-3575-A
w/ Handling Suspension E5DZ-3575-B
Connecting Rod R/L F6SZ-3280-CA
Tie Rod End R/L E2SZ-3A130-A
Check Valve Kit 1983-86 E3SZ-3D728-A
Actuator Housing 1983-86 D8BZ-3E564-A

Pump Assembly, without pulley 4-Cyl F0ZZ-3A674-A
6-Cyl, w/o Handling Suspension E9ZZ-3A674-C
6-Cyl, w/ Handling Suspension E9ZZ-3A674-B
8-Cyl E9ZZ-3A674-B
Reservoir 1983-84 E6DZ-3A006-A
1985-86 E5DZ-3A697-A
Pump Pulley 4-Cyl D4ZZ-3A733-A
6-Cyl, w/o air cond E2SZ-3A733-A
6-Cyl, w/ air cond, to 6-85 E5DZ-3A733-A
6-Cyl, w/ air cond, from 6-85 E5DZ-3A733-B
8-Cyl, w/o air cond D8ZZ-3A733-A
8-Cyl, w/ air cond D5ZZ-3A733-A
Pressure Hose 4-Cyl E3SZ-3A719-B
6-Cyl, 1983, USA E4DZ-3A719-A
6-Cyl, 1983, Canada E3DZ-3A719-B
6-Cyl, 1984-86, USA E4DZ-3A719-A
6-Cyl, 1984-86, Canada E4DZ-3A719-B
8-Cyl, 1983 E3BZ-3A719-A
8-Cyl, 1984-86 E4DZ-3A719-C
Return Hose E2SZ-3A713-B

Steering Wheel 1984-86, 2-spoke, w/o speed control E5SZ-3600-G
1984-86, 2-spoke, w/ speed control, w/o leather wrap E5SZ-3600-H
E4SC-3600-BWA (confirmed)
1984-86, 2-spoke, w/ speed control, w/ leather wrap E6SZ-3600-A
1983, 4-spoke, w/o speed control E5VY-3600-B
1983, 4-spoke, w/speed control, w/o leather wrap E3SZ-3600-D
1984, 4-spoke, w/speed control, w/ leather wrap, w/o sport wheel E3SZ-3600-B
NOTE: This wheel is not believed to have existed. –> 4-spoke, w/speed control, w/ leather wrap, w/ sport wheel E3SZ-3600-A
Wheel Emblem 1983, rectangle type, w/o woodgrain E3WY-3649-B
1983, rectangle type, w/ woodgrain E3WY-3649-C
1984, round type, w/o turbo E3FZ-3649-A
1984, round type, w/ turbo E4WY-3649-B
1985-86 XR7, 2-spoke, sport wheel center E5WY-13A805-AB
Switches, Cruise Control 1983, brushed silver E4SZ-9C888-A
Lock Housing Cover (paint to match) Upper, w/o console E3SZ-3530-C
Upper, w/ console E3SZ-3530-A
Lower E4DZ-3530-A
Lock Housing 1983-86 F23Z-3511-A
Keys & Cylinder To 7-84 E3DZ-11582-A
From 7-84 E4SZ-11582-C
Ignition Switch NOTE: Check dealer for possible updated part number. F29Z-11572-D
Jacket w/ column shift E2SZ-3514-C
w/ floor shift E3DZ-3514-C
Shift Tube 1983-86 E2SZ-7212-A
Upper Steering Shaft 1983-84 E3SZ-3524-B
1985 E5DZ-3524-A
1986 E6SZ-3524-B
Lower Steering Shaft 1983-86 D9BZ-3B676-B
Shaft Coupling 1983-86 E0SZ-3A525-A
Wiper Switch 1983-84, w/o delay wipers E3TZ-17A553-A
1985-86, w/o delay wipers E5SZ-17A553-A
Lock Housing Cover (paint to match) Upper, w/o console E3SZ-3530-E
Upper, w/ console E3SZ-3530-B
Lower E3SZ-3530-F
Upper Lock Housing 1983-86 E2LY-3511-A
Lower Lock Housing w/o turbo E5SZ-3511-D
w/ turbo, from 5-84 E83Z-3511-A
Cylinder & Keys To 7-84 E3DZ-11582-A
From 7-84 E4SZ-11582-C
Ignition Switch NOTE: Check dealer for possible updated part number. F29Z-11572-D
Jacket w/ column shift E2SZ-3514-C
w/ floor shift E3DZ-3514-C
Shift Tube 1983-86 E2SZ-7212-A
Upper Steering Shaft 1983-85 E5DZ-3524-A
1986 E6SZ-3524-B
Lower Steering Shaft 1983-86 D9BZ-3B676-B
Shaft Coupling 1983-86 E0SZ-3A525-A
Wiper Switch 1983-84, w/o delay wipers E3TZ-17A553-A
1985-86, w/o delay wipers E5SZ-17A553-A

Front Floor Member 1983-86 E3SZ-6310692-A
Rear Sidemember R/L E7SZ-6310534/5-A
Front Floor Pan 1983-86 E7ZZ-6111135-A
Inner Floor Sidemember R/L E3SZ-6310116/7-A
Rear Floor Pan 1983-86 E4SZ-6311215-A
Rear Pan Extension R/L E3SZ-6311250/1-A

Windshield Glass Clear E3SZ-6303100-A
Shaded F0LZ-6303100-A
Molding, Upper Reveal Bright E3SZ-6303144-A
Charcoal E4SZ-6303144-AP
Molding, Side Reveal Bright, R/L E3SZ-6303136/7-A
Charcoal, R/L E4SZ-6303136/7-AP
Molding, Lower Reveal 1983 E3SZ-6303148-A
1984-86 E4SZ-6303148-A
Molding, Inside Garnish (paint to match) Upper, w/o electronic mirror E3SZ-6303606-A
Upper, w/ electronic mirror E3SZ-6303606-B
Side, 1983-84, R/L E4SZ-6303598/9-A
Side, 1985-86, R/L E5SZ-6303598/9-A
Rear View Mirror Manual, w/o auto dimmer switch E5AZ-17700-A
Manual, w/ auto dimmer switch E65Y-17700-A
Power, w/o auto dimmer switch F19Z-17700-A
Power, w/ auto dimmer switch E80Y-17700-B
Sun Visor Right, w/o illuminated mirror E3SZ-6304104-A9D
Right, w/ illuminated mirror E3SZ-6304104-B7D
Left, w/o illuminated mirror E3SZ-6304105-A9D
Left, w/ illuminated mirror E3SZ-6304105-B7D
Visor Arm & Bracket w/o illuminated mirror, R/L D9BZ-5404144-A
w/ illuminated mirror, R/L E3SZ-6304144/5-B
Blade Assembly R/L F0AZ-17528-A
Wiper Arm R E4SZ-17526-A
L E6SZ-17527-A
Wiper Motor 1983-86 E3SZ-17508-A
Washer Reservoir w/o low fluid sensor, 83 E3ZZ-17618-C
w/o low fluid sensor, 84-86 F4ZZ-17618-A
w/ low fluid sensor, 83 F4ZZ-17618-B
w/ low fluid sensor, 84-86 E4SZ-17618-B
Washer Pump 1983-86 E0AZ-17664-A
Nozzle 1983, R/L E3SZ-17603-A
1984-86, R/L E4SZ-17603-B

Panel, Cowl Side R E4SZ-6302038-A
L E3SZ-6302039-A
Panel, Cowl Trim (order by color) (red) R E3SZ-6302344-A8D
(red) L E3SZ-6302345-A8D
Hinge Pillar R E4SZ-6302500-A
L E4SZ-6302501-A
Panel, Cowl Top 1983-86 E4SZ-6302010-A
Screen, Cowl Top R E3SZ-63018A16-A
L E3SZ-63018A17-A
Brace, Cowl Top Inner 1983-86 E3SZ-63023A40-A
Panel, Windshield Header 1983-86 E4SZ-6303408-A
Panel, Dash (firewall) 1983-86 E6SZ-6301610-A

Panel, Instrument 1983-84 E4SZ-6304320-A
1985 E5SZ-6304320-E
1986 E5WY-6304320-A
Panel, Upper Finish (metal) 1983-84 E3SZ-63044A90
Pad, Safety (order by color) 1983-84 E3SZ-6304282-A0D
Panel, Finish 1983-84, w/o woodgrain E3WY-6604338-A
1983-84, w/woodgrain E3WY-6604338-B
Panel, Cluster Finish 1983-84 E3SZ-63044D70-A
Panel, Center Finish (Radio Panel) 1983-84, order by finish E3WY-66044D70-A
Cover, Column (order by color) 1983-84 E3SZ-6304459-C
Glove Box (inner liner) 1983 E3SZ-6306010-A
1984 E4SZ-6306010-A
1985-86 E5SZ-6306010-A
Hinge, Glove Box 1983-84 R/L E3SZ-6306050-A
1985-86 R/L E5SZ-6306050-A
Door, Glove Box (order by color) 1983 E3SZ-6306024-H
1984 E4SZ-6306024-B
1985-86 E5SZ-6306024-E
Radio (order by year & model) AM E4AZ-18806-A
AM/FM E5SZ-18806-A
AM/FM Cassette E5SZ-18806-C
Speaker, Radio (dash, order by year & model) Standard E2FZ-18808-B
Premium E3FZ-18808-B
Clock 1983-84, analog E3SZ-15000-A

Panel, Rocker R E7SZ-6310128-A
L E7SZ-6310129-A
Molding, Rocker Front R/L E4SZ-6310176/7-A
Molding, Rocker Rear R E4SZ-63101A04-A
L E4SZ-63101A05-A
Plate, Scuff 1983 R E3SZ-6313208-B
1983 L E3SZ-6313209-A
1984-86 R/L E4SZ-6313208/9-A

Track, Seat – Manual Driver, R E4SZ-6361704-B
Driver, 1983-85 L E4DZ-6361705-B
Driver, 1986 L E6SZ-6361705-A
Pass, 1983-85 R E4SZ-6361704-B
Pass, 1983-85 L E4SZ-6361705-A
Pass, 1986 R E6SZ-6361704-A
Pass, 1986 L E4SZ-6361705-A
Track, Seat – Power Driver, 1983-86 E5SZ-6361644-A
Passenger, 1983-86 E3DZ-6461644-A
Switch, Power Window 1983-84 E3SZ-14529-A
Insert, Console Panel 1983-84, w/power drivers seat, w/power windows, w/o anti-thetf, w/power mirrors E3SZ-6304722-D
1985-86, w/power drivers seat, w/power windows, w/o anti-theft, w/o power mirrors E6SZ-6304722-G
1987-88, w/power mirrors only E7SZ-6304722-N
Receptacle, Ash Tray 1983-86, full console E3SZ-6304788-A

Shell, Door 1983-86, R E5SZ-6320124-A
1983-86, L, w/o keyless entry E5SZ-6320125-A
1983-86, L, w/ keyless entry E5SZ-6320125-B
Panel, Door Repair (part of door shell assembly – these were just the outer skins) 1983-86, R E3SZ-6320200-A
1983-86, L, w/o keyless entry E3SZ-6320201-A
1983-86, L, w/ keyless entry E3SZ-6320201-B
Bar, Reinforcement 1983-86, R/L E3SZ-6321204-A
Moulding, Window 1983-86, Front & Upper, R/L E3SZ-6321550/1-A
1983-86, Rear, Charcoal, w/o bright center (GS), R/L E4SZ-6320554/5-AP
1983-86, Rear, Charcoal, w/ bright center (LS), R/L E4WY-6320554/5-AP
1983-86, Rear, Charcoal, w/3 ribs (Turbo Coupe), R E4SZ-6320554-CP
1983-86, Rear, Charcoal, w/3 ribs (Turbo Coupe), L E4SZ-6320555-CP
Moulding, Belt 1983-84, w/o vent, R/L E5SZ-6320934/5-A
1985-86, w/o vent, bright, R/L E5SZ-6320934/5-A
1985-86, w/o vent, charcoal, R E5SZ-6320934-DP
1985-86, w/o vent, charcoal, L E5SZ-6320935-DP
1983-84, w/ vent, R E5SZ-6320934-B
1983-84, w/ vent, L E5SZ-6320935-B
1985-86, w/ vent, bright, R E5SZ-6320934-B
1985-86, w/ vent, bright, L E5SZ-6320935-B
1985-86, w/ vent, charcoal, R E5SZ-6320934-CP
1985-86, w/ vent, charcoal, L E5SZ-6320935-CP
Molding, Side 1983-86, thin type, R/L E3SZ-6320938/9-AP
1983-86, wide type, R/L E5SZ-6320938/9-AP
Molding, Door Edge 1983-86 E3SZ-6320910-BSP
Mirror, Rear View 1983-86, w/cable control, R E3WY-17696-A
1983-86, w/cable control, L E3WY-17682-A
1983-86, w/electric control, bright, R E3SZ-17682-D
1983-86, w/electric control, bright, L E3SZ-17682-C
1983-86, w/electric control, charcoal, R E6SZ-17682-A
1983-86, w/electric control, charcoal, L E6SZ-17682-B
Glass, Mirror Replacement 1983-86, R/L E6SZ-17K707-D/E
Panel, Trim
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, R/L E3WY-6623942/3-CAA
1984, R/L E4WY-6623942/3-CAA
1985, R/L E5WY-6623942-ACA
1986, R/L E6WY-6623942-ACB
(black shown, paint to match or order by color)
R/L E3SZ-6324140/1-B3P
Compartment, Map
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
R/L E3SZ-6320104/5-A4P
Speaker, Radio (order by year & model application) F13Z-18808-A
Panel, Trim
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, R/L E3WY-6623942/3-DAA
1984, R/L E4WY-6623942/3-DAA
1985, R/L E5SZ-6623942/3-BFJ
1986, R/L E6SZ-6623942/3-BLE
Moulding, Panel
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, R/L E3WY-6620942/3-A
1984-86, 34-1/2″, R/L E4WY-6620942/3-A
1984-86, 37-3/4″, R/L E5SZ-6320942/3-B
Strap, Pull
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, R/L E3SZ-6322666-B
1984, R/L E4SZ-6322666-A
1985-86, w/o luxury decor, R/L E5SZ-6322666-B
1985-86, w/luxury decor, R/L E5SZ-6322666-G
Compartment, Map
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, R/L E3SZ-6320104/5-B1D
1984, R/L E4SZ-6320104/5-B2D
1985-86, R/L E5SZ-6320104/5-B2D
(black shown, paint to match or order by color)
Base, 1983, R/L E3SZ-6324144/5-A8D
Base, 1984, R/L E4SZ-6324144/5-A5D
Base, 1985-86, R/L E5SZ-6324144/5-A5D
Pad, 1983, R/L E3SZ-6324100/1-A8D
Pad, 1984, R/L E4SZ-6324100/1-A5D
Pad, 1985-86, R/L E5SZ-6324100/1-B5D
Speaker, Radio (order by year & model application) F13Z-18808-A
Latch 1983-86, R/L F0FZ-5821812/3-A
Striker 1983-85, R/L E1FZ-6122008-B
1986, R/L E9FZ-5822008-A
Cylinder & Key (order by application) 1983-86, w/o Illuminated Entry, R/L E1FZ-6121984/5-A
1983-86, w/ Illuminated Entry, R/L E3SZ-6321984/5-A
Handle, Outside 1983-86, w/black finish, R/L E3FZ-6122404/5-B
1983-86, w/bright finish, R/L E3FZ-5822404/5-A
Handle, Inside 1983-86, R/L E3SZ-6321818/9-A
Hinge, Upper 1983-86, R/L E3SZ-6322800/1-A
Hinge, Lower 1983-86, R E7SZ-6322810-A
1983-86, L E7SZ-6322811-A
Weatherstrip 1983-86, R/L F0LY-6320708-A
Weatherstrip (door-to-A pillar) 1983-86, R/L E3SZ-6320754-A
Glass, Front Door Ford, w/air vent, tinted, 1983-86, R/L E4LY-63214100/1-B
Upper Run (glass-to-door weatherstrip) R/L E4SZ-6321596/7-D
Belt Weatherstrip R/L E3SZ-6321456/7-B
Run, Hinge Side R/L E3SZ-6321546-A
Bracket, Channel R/L E3SZ-6323288/9-A
Regulator, Glass Manual, R/L E3SZ-6323200/1-A
Power, R/L E9LY-6323208/9-A
Motor, Drive R D3AZ-5723395-A
L E9TZ-9823394-A
Handle, Regulator R/L D8BZ-3623342-A
Weatherstrip, Opening (underneath door) R/L F0LY-6320708-A
Glass, Vent R/L E3SZ-6321412/3-A
Frame, Vent R/L E3SZ-6321608/9-A
Bar, Division
(includes reatiner & weatherstrip)
R/L E3SZ-6322296/7-A
Handle, Vent R/L E4SZ-6322916/7-A
Glass, Front Door Ford, w/o air vent, clear, 1983-86, R/L E3SZ-6321410/1-A
Ford, w/o air vent, tinted, 1983-86, R E3SZ-6321410-B
Ford, w/o air vent, tinted, 1983-86, L F1LY-6321411-A
Upper Run (glass-to-door weatherstrip) R/L E4SZ-6321596/7-C
Belt Weatherstrip R/L E3SZ-6321456/7-A
Run, Retainer R/L E4SZ-6321572/3-B
Run, Hinge Side R/L E3SZ-6321546-A
Bracket, Channel R/L E3SZ-6323288/9-A
Regulator, Glass Manual, R/L E3SZ-6323200/1-A
Power, R/L E9LY-6323208/9-A
Motor, Drive R D3AZ-5723395-A
L E9TZ-9823394-A
Handle, Regulator R/L D8BZ-3623342-A
Weatherstrip, Opening (underneath door) R/L F0LY-6320708-/A

Panel, Roof w/sunroof, 1983-86 E3WY-6650202-B
w/o sunroof, 1983-86 E3WY-6650202-A
Moulding, Inside Garnish 1983-86 R E3SZ-6351752-A
1983-86 L E3SZ-6351753-A
Moulding, Side (paint to match) 1/2″ wide, w/o vinyl roof, R/L E3WY-6651728/9-B
1/2″ wide, w/ vinyl roof, R/L E3WY-6651728/9-D
5/8″ wide, w/o vinyl roof, R E3WY-6651728-C
5/8″ wide, w/o vinyl roof, L E3WY-6651729-C
5/8″ wide, w/ vinyl roof, R/L E3WY-6651728/9-E
Molding, Transverse (order by color) 1983-86, R E4WY-66517A02-AP
1983-86, L E4WY-66517A03-AP
Reinforcement, Panel 1983-86 E7SZ-6350222-A
Rail, Roof Side 1983-86, R/L outer E3SZ-6351186/7-A
1983-86, R/L inner E3SZ-6351180/1-A
Rail, Roof Inner Rear 1983-86, R/L E3WY-6651212/3-A
Frame, Back Window Upper 1983-86 E3WY-6642220-A

Glass, Sunroof Ford, tinted E4FZ-5850054-A
Weatherstrip, Glass 1983-86 E1FZ-61502C50-A
Weatherstrip, Roof 1983-86 E3SZ-6351346-A
Handle, Glass 1983-86 F2ZZ-61514A52-A
Adjuster, Guide 1983-86 F3ZZ-61502D14-A
Bracket, Handle 1983-86 F2ZZ-61514A52-A
Cover, Bracket 1983-86 D7FZ-6250362-AA
Hinge, Spring 1983-86, R/L E0SZ-66502D60/1-B
Spacer, Hinge 1983-86, R/L E0SZ-66502B60/1-A
Retainer, Hinge 1983-86, R/L E0SZ-66502P00/1-A
Seal, Retainer 1983-86, R/L E0SZ-66502P07-A

Glass, Back Window 1983-86, Ford, non-heated, clear E3WY-6642006-B
1983-86, Ford, non-heated, tinted E3WY-6642006-C
1983, Ford, heated, tinted E3WY-6642006-A
1984-86, Ford, heated, tinted E4WY-6642006-A
Moulding, Reveal Upper 1983-86, bright, R/L E3WY-6642430/1-A
1984-86, charcoal, R/L E4WY-6642430/1-CP
Moulding, Reveal Side & Lower 1983-86, bright, R/L E3WY-6642404/5-A
1984-86, charcoal, R/L E4WY-6642404/5-CP
Moulding, Inside Garnish (paint to match) 1983-86 E3WY-6642410-A

Panel, Outer 1983-86, R E3WY-6627840-A
1983-86, L E3WY-6627841-A
Fuel Door E3SZ-63405A26-A
Fuel Filler Housing w/o remote door E3WY-6627936-A
w/ remote door E3WY-6627936-B
Lower Latch Pillar Outer, R/L E7SZ-63281A34/5-A
Inner, R/L E7SZ-63281A34/5-B
Wheelhouse Panel Outer, R E7SZ-6327894-A
Outer, L E6SZ-6327895-A
Inner, R E3SZ-6327886-A
Inner, L E3SZ-6327887-A
Inertia Switch E1AZ-9341-B
Pillar Brace R/L E3SZ-6329388/9-A
Wheelhouse Strainer R/L E3SZ-6346774/5-A
Wheelhouse Bracket R/L E3WY-6642738/9-A
Lamp Assembly To 4/83, R/L E3WY-15B437-A/B
From 4/83, R/L E3WY-15B437-C/D
Bezel 1983-86, R E3WY-15B438-A
1983-86, L E3WY-15B438-B
Socket with Wire 1983-86, R/L E3SZ-15A442-A
Bulb 1983-86, R/L
(Note: interior bulb, not part of coach lamp)
Lower Trim Panel
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, R E3SZ-6331012-A8D
1983, L E3SZ-6331013-A8D
1984-86, R E6SZ-6331012-A5D
1984-86, L E6SZ-6331013-A5D
Armrest Pad
(red shown; included with trim panel)
1983, R E3SZ-6331718-A8D
1983, L E3SZ-6331719-A8D
1984-86, R E4SZ-6331718-A5D
1984-86, L E4SZ-6331719-A5D
Trim Finish Panel
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, vinyl, R E3SZ-6331076-B0D
1983, vinyl, L E3SZ-6331077-B0D
1983, cloth, R E3SZ-6331076-A6D
1983, cloth, L E3SZ-6331077-A6D
1984, R E4WY-6631076-B8D
1984, L E4WY-6631077-B8D
1985, R E5SZ-6631076-A2P
1985, L E5SZ-6631077-A2P
1986, R E6SZ-6631076-A8D
1986, L E6SZ-6631077-A8D
Upper Trim Panel (Sail Panel)
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983, R E3SZ-6352018-A8D
1983, L E3SZ-6352019-A8D
1984-86, R E4WY-6652018-A5D
1984-86, L E4WY-6652019-A5D
Package Tray Panel (Carpeting)
(red shown, paint to match or order by color)
1983 E3SZ-6346668-A1D
1984-85 E4WY-6646668-A1D
1986 E5WY-6646668-A1D
Radio Speaker
(order by year & model application)
Standard, R/L E9ZZ-18808-A
Premium, R/L E9DZ-18808-C
Lower Front Molding 1983-86, thin type, R/L E4SZ-6329038/9-BP
1983-86, wide type, R/L E5SZ-6329076/7-AP
Belt Molding Side, black, R/L E4WY-66423A18/9-AP
Rear, black, R/L E4WY-66423A20-AP
Emblem R/L E3WY-66517A57/6-A

Glass, Quarter Ford, clear, R/L E3WY-6629710/1-A
Ford, tinted, R/L E3WY-6629710/1-B
Molding, Outside Front Charcoal (XR7), R/L E4SZ-6329796/7-DP
Bright, R/L E4WY-6629796/7-CP
Molding, Outside Rear R/L E4WY-6629797/7-BP

Lid, Luggage 1983-86 E6WY-6640110-A
Nameplate “Mercury” E14Y-5442528-B
“Cougar” E3WY-6642528-A
“XR7” E5WY-13B467-B
“LS” E4WY-6642528-C
Latch w/o power F33Z-6643200-A
w/ power F0MY-5443200-A
Striker Plate 1983-86 E0MY-6643252-A
Cylinder & Keys
(order by application)
w/o anti-theft D6ZZ-6943505-A
w/ anti-theft E3SZ-6343505-B
Hinge R/L E3WY-6642700/1-A
Torsion Bar R/L E3WY-6644890/1-A
Weatherstrip (cut to fit) 1983-86 D9AZ-5443720-A
Wiring Assembly to light E3SZ-13A756-A

Drum, Brake 9″, R/L E3SZ-1126-A
10″, R/L D9BZ-1126-A
Plate, Backing 9″, 1983-84, R/L E3SZ-2211/2-A
9″, 1984-86. R/L E9ZZ-2211/2-A
10″, R/L E3DZ-2211/2-A
Hose, Brake R/L F4ZZ-2282-C
Shaft, Axle R/L E3SZ-4234-A
Bearing, Axle R/L E5SZ-1225-A
Seal, Axle R/L E1AZ-1177-B
Housing, Axle 1983-84 E2BZ-4010-A
1985-86 E5SZ-4010-A
Spring, Coil (order by spring ID code) R/L E0SZ-5560-K
Damper, Spring R/L D8BZ-5A669-C
Absorber, Shock 4 cyl, R/L E3SZ-18125-F
6 cyl, std. duty, R/L E8SZ-18125-A
6 cyl, heavy duty, R/L E7PZ-18125-E
8 cyl, R/L E8SZ-18125-A
Arm Assembly, Axle Control Upper, R/L E0SZ-5500-A
Lower, w/o aluminum wheel, R/L E3SZ-5A649-A
Lower, w/ aluminum wheel, R/L E3SZ-5A649-B
Bar, Stabilizer w/o aluminum wheel E8SZ-5A772-A
w/ aluminum wheel E7SZ-5A772-A

Tank, Fuel 1983, 6 cyl. E3SZ-9002-B
1983, 8 cyl. E4SZ-9002-B
1984 E4SZ-9002-B
1985 E5SZ-9002-B
1986 E8SZ-9002-A
Cap, Filler 1983-86 E7AZ-9030-B
Pipe, Filler 6 cyl. E4SZ-9034-C
4 cyl., 8 cyl. E4SZ-9034-B
Gauge, Tank Unit 1983, w/o electronic cluster, w/o Tripminder E3SZ-9275-C
1983, w/o electronic cluster, w/ Tripminder E3SZ-9275-D
1983, w/ electronic cluster, w/o Tripminder E3SZ-9275-E
1983, w/ electronic cluster, w/ Tripminder E3SZ-9275-F
1984 – serviced only w/fuel pump
1985, 4 cyl. E5SZ-9275-C
1985, 6 cyl., 8 cyl., w/o electronic cluster E5SZ-9275-C
1985, 6 cyl., 8 cyl., w/ electronic cluster E5SZ-9275-E
1986, 4 cyl. E6SZ-9275-C
1986, 6 cyl., 8 cyl., w/o electronic cluster E6SZ-9275-B
1986, 6 cyl., 8 cyl., w/ electronic cluster E6SZ-9275-B

Panel, Lower 1983-84 E3WY-6640320-A
1985-86 E5WY-6640320-A
Panel, Upper 1983-86 E3WY-6646506-A
Bracket, Striker 1983-86 E3SZ-6343235-A

Lamp Assembly 1983-84, R/L E3WY-13404/5-A
1985-86, R/L E5WY-13404/5-B
Lens 1983-84, R/L E3WY-13450/1-A
1985-86, R/L E5WY-13450/1-A
Seal, Lens R/L E1FZ-13W520-A
Seal, Lamp Round, R/L E3WY-13A495-A/B
Oblong, R/L N/A
Reflector, Lens 1985-86, bottom of lens, outer, R/L E5WY-13380-A/B
1985-86, bottom of lens, inner, R/L E5WY-13380-C/D
Bulb, Tail R/L C8TZ-13466-A
Bulb, Signal/License/Marker R/L C2AZ-13466-C
Bulb, Back-Up R/L C3DZ-13466-A
Nameplate “LS”, R/L E4WY-6642528-C
“XR7”, R/L E5WY-13B467-B
Lamp Assembly (paint to match) 1986 E6WY-13A613-A
Bracket, Lamp 1986 E6WY-13A624-A
Bulb 1986 C8TZ-13466-A

Face Bar (metal bumper reinforcement) 1983-84 E3SZ-17906-A
1985-86 E5SZ-17906-A
Cover, Face Bar (bumper cover, paint to match) 1983-86 E4SZ-17K835-A
Absorber, Impact 1983-84, R/L E3SZ-17787-A
1985-86, R/L E5SZ-17787-A
Strip, Impact (rub strip) Bright E3SZ-17C830-A
Black E5SZ-17C830-A