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1984 Cougar GS
1986 Cougar LS Convertible

1984 Cougar GS

1984 Cougar GS V6

In the spring of 2006 we happened to find this beautiful 1984 Cougar GS V6, which was an identical copy to our first car. That first car was sold over fifteen years prior and as time went by, we really began to miss it. Secretly we'd hoped to find another like it one day, but we never thought we'd hit the mark so closely.

We were contacted through this site by a gentleman wanting to sell his car. The description indicated that this might be what we wanted. After making the 3-hour drive to see it, we were instantly hooked and made the deal. It had to be towed home due to the blown head gaskets, which our mechanic was able to repair, along with new brakes and exhaust components, and some normal-wear items.

The body had some slight surface rust issues that were promptly fixed. After a good buffing and waxing, the paint shines good as new. The car has roughly 90% of its original paint and it's in incredible condition for its age.

Eventually it's going to need restored and that can get quite expensive. Fortunately we've been finding plenty of NOS parts for it and have them safely stored away until they're needed. We're committed to keeping the original paint as long as possible. The car sees light driving duty on nice days, and is taken to local shows when possible. It will be at some future national shows as well.

Photos with Captions:
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6
  • 1984 Cougar GS V6


1986 Cougar LS Convertible

1986 Cougar LS Convertible

Sometimes you are indeed in the right place at the right time, when Fate gives you a little nudge and tells you that this is meant to be. We were extremely fortunate to have this happen in regards to our 1986 Cougar LS convertible. The car itself had been in our local area for several years, as we'd seen it cruising town since the late 1980s, but we were never able to track down who owned it. Yet it was always in the back of our minds that we'd cross paths with it eventually.

That happened in 1994 when we finally found the car at a used car lot. The top was missing completely; only the skeleton remained. An attendant at the lot said it was the lot owner's mother's car, and they had just sent the top out so that a new one could be made from it. We asked if it was for sale and he didn't know. At least we had a lead on finding the car.

The following spring we happened to drive by the same car lot, and to our shock the car was sitting out in front with a price on the windshield. We quickly pulled in, inspected the car, and were even allowed to take it for a short test drive. While obviously we were infatuated with it, the only concern was being able to afford it. At the time it just wasn't possible to fit this car into our already narrow budget. Very reluctantly, and with a sadness that's hard to put into words, we returned the car, seemingly never to see it again.

When driving by the car lot several times over that fall and winter, the car had disappeared and our immediate impression was that the car got sold. We had held out hope that it didn't but one never knows.

It just so happened that the next summer, in 1996, we drove by that used car lot—and there it was, again for sale, and with a lower price to boot! We simply could not believe the luck. Of course we were still stuck in the exact same financial rut. But there was no way that we weren't owning this car even if the money outlook was bleak. We made arrangements to secure a loan and paid for it a few days later. Everything happened very quickly but at long last, it was ours.

As the years have gone by we've done a lot of customization and personalization to the car. Even though it's a relatively uncommon vehicle we've always lived by the belief that one should make his or her vehicle the way that they want. So we took our own advice and customized the entire car: we believe the only original, untouched part left on the car is the windshield. We wanted a new twist on classic hot rod themes (shaved door handles, de-badging, side exhaust, frenched-in grilled, hood scoop, etc.) but on a more modern car.

Admittedly the car gets driven less and less as the years go on, and we'd love to do so many things to it still, but life always complicates things. We're still as happy driving it today as we were those many years ago.


Tech Specs

  • Car built March 11, 1986 in Lorain, OH
  • Convertible by Car Craft Company, Lima, OH, late March 1986
  • #54 of 89 Cougar convertibles produced in 1986*
  • Original colors: Oxford White / white canvas top / Canyon Red leather interior
  • Current colors: Oxford White / charcoal grey cloth top / custom off-white interior

Engine + Drivetrain

  • High-output 1992 Mustang 5.0L (302cid) engine
  • Modified E7TE cylinder heads
  • E-303 FRPP/Motorsport cam
  • Hooker 1 5/8" equal-length headers
  • Full custom 2.5" dual side exhaust system
  • BBK X-pipe and Dynomax race bullet mufflers
  • 1993 Cobra intake manifolds
  • BBK 65mm throttle body
  • 70mm mass air meter
  • MAC/Summit chrome intake tube with conical K&N air filter
  • 1993 Cobra 2-row aluminum radiator
  • Aluminum underdrive pulleys
  • Steeda air pump eliminator kit
  • FRPP A/C eliminator kit
  • BBK 190lph fuel pump
  • Lincoln Mark VII LSC AOD transmission
  • Custom 2500 rpm stall converter
  • Thunderbird Turbo Coupe 8.8" rear axle with 3.73 gears

Brakes + Suspension

  • 13" Cobra front disc brakes with Brembo cross-drilled rotors and PBR C4 Corvette calipers
  • NAPA Ceramix brake pads
  • Russell stainless steel front brake lines
  • Bilstein 2000 Cobra R struts
  • Stock front springs
  • FRPP Mustang A-arms
  • Steeda X2 ball joints
  • SN95 Mustang spindles and hubs
  • Maximum Motorsports bump steer kit
  • Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
  • Thunderbird Turbo Coupe front sway bar
  • 11.65" Cobra rear disc brakes
  • CHE Performance tubular rear upper and lower control arms
  • Thunderbird Turbo Coupe rear sway bar
  • Moog cargo coil rear springs
  • Bilstein Cougar/Thunderbird shocks
  • Full welded subframe connectors
  • Steeda 2-point G-load brace
  • 17" x 8.5" Y2K Cobra R Wheels
  • BF Goodrich Comp T/A 245/45HR17 tires


  • 3.5" cowl hood by U.S. Body Source
  • Xenon front air dam and rear valance
  • Custom side exhaust covers
  • Modified BMW M3 rear spoiler
  • Custom grille, molded to smoothed header panel
  • Shaved door handles and locks
  • Custom power trunk pulldown
  • Custom front side markers with Cougar logo
  • Sequential turn signals
  • Xenon (blue) H4 headlamps and fog lights


  • 1995 Mustang GT front seats, custom covered in leather, suede and perforated cloth
  • Narrowed stock rear seat, custom covered in leather, suede and perforated cloth
  • 1985-86 Regatta Blue carpeting, floor mats and dash cover
  • Brushed aluminum custom-cut interior accent panels
  • Auto Meter analog gauges
  • Custom blue interior lighting
  • Electochromic rearview mirror
  • Rear backup camera
  • Custom painted dash panels
  • Custom console
  • Added stock floor shifter
  • Smoothed sill plates
  • Custom rear panels covered in leather
  • Custom leather top boot


  • Alpine iLX-107 deck with Apple Carplay
  • 8 total front and rear speakers
  • Kicker 12" subs in custom trunk box
  • Approx. 800 watts total power

Photos with Captions:
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
  • 1986 Cougar LS Convertible
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