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First published in December 1997, COOL CATS is still the only website dedicated providing the latest Fox-chassis Mercury Cougar (1983-88) information. Whether you’re a new owner or a seasoned veteran of these cars, you’ll always have a home here.

This site has grown by leaps and bounds thanks to shared information from the community, as well as the accumulation of some key Ford documentation. We’ve just completed our move to a fully database-driven site which has given us the capability to more easily present information to you, as well as prepare for future expansion of the site. We’re thrilled with all the new ways that information is shared and we hope you enjoy the new format.

If you have any suggestions for articles or can help expand upon an existing page or section, let us know! We’d like to thank you for being a loyal COOL CATS visitor, because without you the site is meaningless. We hope you enjoy the experience and welcome your feedback.

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2024.07.08 – New v2.0 of our Telnak font is uploaded. More information here.

2023.02.17 – The aero Cougar turns FORTY! See our new commentary.

2022.06.28 – A new Commentary section, and a look back at 25 years of COOL CATS.

2022.03.31 – Relaunch of the all-new COOL CATS site on a brand new platform.

2021.06.04 – Updated the Steering Rack page with new info from Maximum Motorsports.

2019.08.19 – We created a font based on the nomenclature on our cars. Details here.