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Hello and welcome to the all-new CAT JAM mini-site, now at its own URL ( for easier use.

You may be wondering what the status of CAT JAM is. It's been on hold since 2009, and for now it appears that for at least the next several summers, things will continue that way. We would love to say that things get easier to plan every year, but they just don't. And with family obligations and personal issues, it's been pretty much impossible to plan even a month ahead, let alone a year ahead.

We have appreciated the support from so many people over the years and miss all of our friends who've contributed or participated in CAT JAM. To us, that means the world.

Obviously we hoped to have better news for you. But looking down the road, CAT JAM is entirely possible again, and we know that we'll have the support it needs, so please be patient and know that we are thinking of you!


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9.5.11 - All new relaunch of the CAT JAM site, now under its own URL (


General Information
or several years, Fox and MN-12 chassis Cougar and Thunderbird enthusiasts meet to celebrate their cars at CAT JAM. Generally there are no other specific shows for these cars anywhere in the U.S. or Canada throughout any given year. CAT JAM was initiated in August 2002 to make sure that these cars were represented properly. CAT JAM is open to all Fox, MN12 and New Edge Cougars and Thunderbirds regardless of condition. We've had everything from daily drivers to low-mileage originals to full custom cars show up, and the variety is phenomenal.

CAT JAM is held in Youngstown, OH, USA, which is exactly halfway between Cleveland, OH and Pittsburgh, PA, and is within 2 hours of I-80, I-79, I-77, I-76, I-71, I-70, and I-90. The Ohio and Pennsylvania turnpikes are very close by. This area is relatively easy to navigate via interstate or even the local roads. Gas, food and hotel prices tend to be at or a bit below national average, making this a very cost-effective event.

Show Origins
at Jam has its roots in early summer 2002. An improptu, offhand comment on one of the message boards made it clear that Cougar and Thunderbird owners wanted to meet up with each other. However, the method left a lot to be desired: everyone had figured out that one particular house--the site owner's--was about the midway point, and they were literally planning on showing up on the doorstep! We figured that if that's what they wanted to do, fine....but we should make something official, and make it open to everyone who wants to come, not just board members. So the planning began.

We found a public park where we could hang out, show off our cars and get to know each other. All expenses came out of pocket. We had a small cookout, nothing major, and despite dodging a few raindrops all day, we all had a great time. But more importantly, we established long-term relationships that day while providing a solid base upon which to build future shows.

Now with several years' worth of Cat Jam shows under our collective belts, precedents have been set and standards needed to be established. Through polling on the message boards and at the events, here's what's been determined:

  • Cat Jam will always be on a weekend in July every summer. This places the event square in the middle of summer, long before school starts in the fall, and generally fits will within most peoples' vacation plans. We determined that a static timeframe is pretty important for planning.
  • Location will continue to be Youngstown, OH, USA. There has been overwhelmingly positive response for the location as far as driving distance, relative position to the majority of owners, and easy access to freeways and local roads. Add to that the generally low cost of living prices; lots of hotels; plenty of local and regional tourist locations; and of course, our huge array of eating establishments, and you have a great combination that works on multiple levels.
  • Every year, Cat Jam will have a picnic at a public park on Saturday afternoon, and a cruise-in on Saturday night. Events on other nights will be determined toward the event times.

With this in mind, we hope that you can make an effort to attend a future Cat Jam event.


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